Thursday, July 23, 2009

BG Getting Blown...........again

As noted earlier, I have had a few blowjobs in the last few months. More than a few – quite a few. Many. Some of you don’t want to hear about them, but right now it is all I got!

One guy who blows me fancies himself on getting married, straight guys off. He doesn’t blow gay guys. If he’s fooling anyone, it is only himself. But fuck – I can play along. On goes the “wedding ring” and poof – I’m a straight married man.

Usually I am getting his mouth of my dick after my Saturday workout routines. I hit the gym for two hours and then his place for some late morning head. The set up and the routine is the same – he leaves the door unlocked, I come in and take off my shoes and walk upstairs to his family room where he has straight porn playing. Bad straight porn too. I plop myself on his sofa and he has a big pillow on the floor where he rightfully takes his place.

Now, we all know I’d rather be the guy on his knees, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. And truth be told, I get worked up at work out. Usually getting head is better than jacking off.

This guy knows how to treat my dick, in theory. I love to have my balls lapped at from the start. They are so aware and sensitive at the get-go, it is hotter than hell. For some reason, after the first few minutes, that thrill is gone. I do not get the same kind of sensation anymore. Pity.

Anyway, the ‘theory’ is he knows how to suck dick. I have a longish (8”) and thickish dick – more so at the base. The combination makes it hard for this guy to get it into his throat – which if fine if he doesn’t, actually. I’ve never been the one to have to be deep throated. I like them to take it deep, but it doesn’t have to pass into their esophagus actually.

So the krux is – he doesn’t gag at all (yay) and can take a good hard face fucking, but he wants it deep and he cannot do it without teeth – and not in the good way where a guy uses them to nibble.

But it was Saturday morning and here I was. Workout, shower and over at his place, legs spread waiting for my mouth. Or his, actually, but it is mine between 11:15 and 12:15. He knows it.

As instructed, he starts at my balls which just does truly set me off. Gets me rock hard stiff. I love a tongue on my nuts – he loves what it does to my dick. Too much. He can’t concentrate when he’s got a flag pole waving in front of him. Normally he goes to it too soon, but whatta gonna do?

I lean back and watch him go to town. And I like to talk – mostly how I like to be talked to. I just put on my straight man tone and tell him what to do, what not to do and what he looks like. I also tell him what he is.

That last part always gets a reaction – usually a lift of his eyes from my bush to my face. Part looking at me quizzically and part in confirmation that that is what he is. A cocksucker. I let those words pass my lips to him – letting him know and that he knows I know.

This time he used his hands a lot – and not on my dick. That is a no-no.

He put his hands under my shirt and fount my nipples. You all know what that does to me, but I couldn’t let him know that. It’d blow my cover. But his hands also traveled down my hairy legs and to my feet. And while I am a bit ticklish in my feet – his hands somehow felt great on them.

He also ran his hands up into my goatee. Normally I trim it on Fridays, but didn’t have the chance, so it was quite full. Apparently he liked that. His hands up there and running through my hair was quite sensual. I just kept asking him, “you like that, huh? The feel of a real man?”

I made him stroke my balls just so. Very lightly – even the tippy tops of the finger tips, barely touching at all. And I had him move down below my balls to my taint to “tickle”. I didn’t want him to go further south – that’s not the scene with this guy.

Time and time again, when he did come off my dick, he’d tell me he wanted to worship me. I told him to get to it. But whatever worship is, it was just a continuation of a blowjob to me.

With my hands behind my head (not his), I lifted my hips up and met his mouth over and over and over. A sit down face fuck, if you will.

I was happy to kick back for another 30 minutes of head (it had already been over 30 minutes at this point), but I had shit to do and so did he. I mentally got myself to where I needed to be. Then I dumped a 6 day load in his mouth. A big one. But mine are always big – I’m not bragging, just saying.

The noises I made were great. They filled the room with moans, groans and expletives. All directed at him.

This time I preempted him with his questions on if he was good, or if it was an acceptable blowjob. Maybe some guys need that validation, but as a cocksucker, I don’t. If I got the dick hard and off and I didn’t miss a drop – I did my job and they liked it (at least) enough to ejaculate. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll beg for the load, but I don’t need the after-the-fact reaffirmation.

This guy does. I shut him down from the get-go for two reasons: One, I didn’t want to hear it and feel obligated to say something I might not feel (depending on his question). And two, it was the best he’s done on me so far, so I threw that bone to him – literally and figuratively.

I’m sure I’ll use him again, but I’m really tired of getting without giving. Not that I want to give it to him, I just need to get face fucked and soon!

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