Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guest Blogger Post

I have stories to tell - honest. I just need to get them written down. In the mean time, enjoy a story from my almost long forgotten guest blogger, Lou.

For the first time in God knows when, I was cruised on the street.

I was carrying a large box to my car when we made eye contact. We did the turn-and-look game a few times until I went back and walked up to him. We made small talk and I gave him my business card. I invited myself to his place, so we walked the half block walk to his house.

He showed me around a bit until we wound up In the kitchen. He leaned in and in no time we were making out. Pants were opened and the groping began. Eventually, his hand went to my ass and he began playing with it. He turned me around and lined up his very hard and straight 6 incher to my hole. He suggested that we go upstairs, where we stripped down. He got a bottle of lube from the closet and placed it on the nightstand. He asked if I like poppers (fuck yeah!) as he opened the nightstand drawer. He chose a bottle out of like 5 and we each took a whiff.

In no time we were back to kissing and groping. A minute later he spun me around and grabbed the lube. He told me to bend over as I held onto the side of the bed. He lubed my hole and his cock. I braced myself as he shoved in. I didn’t have much choice but to get used to the assault he was performing on me. He slammed me like there was no tomorrow. After 10 minutes of being used, his thrusts became harder and faster. Soon he grunted loudly as he shot a thick load deep inside me. While still inside me, I grabbed my cock and began stroking. I came buckets as he pulled out of me. We cleaned up and chatted some more while dressing. Said goodbye and I was on my way.

You never know where the day will take you.

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