Sunday, May 23, 2010


So I was out and about for work and placed a CL ad stating I was working from my hotel room all day and that I was happy to help guys get a load off - and sure enough, responses came out of the woodwork.

Responses by people who cannot read, but that is par for the course when you place an ad. Guys who don't include stats when it is told to be a requirement. Guys who don't send pics when it is more than suggested. Guys who clearly don't know what ht/wt proportional is (hint: it is not 5'6", 190 or 6', 250). And the worse, the guys who want to get me off. My ads are pretty clear.

I did connect though, so no worries. But there were more turn-downs and flakes than actual meet-ups. But here is one:

don't have a pic sorry....I am 5 11, 197 brn blu 7 cut.....told I'm cute....

WHO in this day and age does not have, or cannot get a pic?

Anyway, he showed up and not bad. Young. I'm guessing mid-20s, but not bad. I'm not sure he was 7", he may have been overstating it a bit, but he knew how to use it. Or me, as the case may be.

I started by blowing him nice and everything and then he just took over and fucked my face. And fucked and fucked and fucked. He knew how to hold out, when to pull back and when to go full force.

His cock was only out of his fly for a while and I couldn't quite get that. I wanted his nuts too. He seemed a bit reluctant. I found out, kind of.

While averagely built atop, his upper thighs, what little actually became exposed were huge, but not muscularly so. That explains the almost 200 lbs. It was a weird kind of physical disparity.

But we weren't getting naked and we weren't gonna date, so what the fuck did I really care. I went back to work. Well, he did. Pumping my mouth and me taking it. Soon enough, well, like 30 minutes total, he was ready to pump off a load - and I was there to catch it.

I showed this pic to a buddy of mine afterward and he goes, "I would have beaten your ass for not swallowing it".

Silly man. Of course, I swallowed it. But I had to capture the jizz for the blog, no? You guys DO want to see this kind of stuff - am I right?

On his way out, he turned to me and said, "I can't wait to use you again". It's a nice sentiment, but highly unlikely.


The Breeder said...

Yes. That is exactly the kind of photo we want to see. I speak for the entire internet.

Anonymous said...

I sucked this guy off outside between his building and the one next to him. He was unknown to us at the email process to be a repeat and has a big musky tasting load. This time as before, he insisted on a swallower. "Eat it." was his thing. When he was looking, the I spit his wad into one of those 35 mm film containers. When I got home, I sniffed it, rubbed it on my lips, and sipped it while beating off. It was better than poppers, and I guess I complied with his wishes eventually.