Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Into the Mouth

So yesterday Grindr made a hit locally. Actually a number of in from out of town guys were on. Not sure exactly all what's happening, but it's happening.

The winner was a guy who claimed to be married and only wanted to jo. I was clear with him that this was not my scene and I will also cop to that I was like so many assholes who try to get with me - meaning, they hit me up in hopes of changing my mind, which almost never works.

I wanted his dick in my mouth, it was that nice of a penis. But he wanted to nothing more than to stroke off in front of me. He would have liked me to beat off too, but I told him that was not my scene. ...and as you know, it isn't.

But I went to his hotel room and watched him stroke his really thick 7.5". The one he said guys had told him was the perfect cock - the best one to hold and to suck. But he wasn't letting me.

I played with his nipples and he with mine. I lightly touched his hairy nuts. I grabbed his lubed up rod and stroked that a bit too. He was close. He told me.

"Are you hungry?" I told him I was.

"Get on your knees". I did.

"Open your mouth". I did.

He got close, but not too close. He stroked and stroked some more and then got just a little closer.

My mouth opened. My tongue was extended. And then he shot.

I'd like to say I caught it all, but with him not willing to put his head in my mouth, I could only get about three-quarters of his jizz. You know how it is, that spurting cum is a bit uncontrollable. You can't always direct it.

Some went on the floor, some went in my goatee. Most went in my mouth.

For a guy who had jacked-off earlier in the day he had a huge load and it tasted good. I was happy to have gotten it.

He was done and so was I. I tried to snap a pic of the load in my goatee, but I don't think it came out horribly well.

Maybe next time.

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