Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Travel Stories

This guy was actually the first responder I hooked up with on my last work trip via my CL ad.

36, 5'9",165,32w,br/gr,7.5 thick. 'Thick' was even a part of his email address. Promising. As was the accompanying picture he attached.

How was this guy NOT getting an invite over?? Hell, we even moved our time up when one of my meetings got canceled. No way I was letting this guy get away.

He showed up at the appointed time and looked better than his stats made him out to be.

If possible he was hot, cocky, understated and seemingly genuine all at the same time. He was very good looking, with a great body and clearly as you saw, a really nice cock. Either I have more mojo going on than I think or where I was traveling has the dregs when it comes to gay men. I'm betting on the latter.

Knowing he was coming, and him wanting me naked after he arrived, I was already stripped to my briefs and t-shirt. Soon after he arrived, I was down to flesh. He wasn't far behind.

The body was nice and the dick was as promised. IF I have a complaint, it is that he clips his chest hair. I don't get that - but maybe he swims or dives and it was just growing back in. It was a small thing.

Right away he came up behind me, reached around and started to play with my nipples. As you all know: BAD idea. I'm mean, a great idea if the plan was to fuck me. But that hadn't been the plan. Had it, I would have made sure I was cleaned out, etc. I didn't do that. I would have fuckin' got kicked out of Cub Scouts again. Be Prepared !

He knew he had found my on switch(es) and played them to his advantage for a big. I liked his style.

But soon he had plopped himself down on the bed, on his back, with his legs spread. He told me to suck him - and while I take direction well, I did not heed him. Not exactly.

Oh, I got down on my knees and in between his legs, but I went for his nuts. I find mine are way sensitive early on in the process and thought other guys might experience this too. He responded the way I do. I lapped at them ever so lightly, making sure to send shivers down his body. He told me to suck on them, but after doing that for a little while he preferred to have them lapped at. Never say BikeGuy doesn't know what he's doing. He does!!!

But before sucking his cock, I went down farther south. He didn't even attempt to stop me. Why would he?

He had a really tasty hole. I lapped at that too. And flicked at it with my tongue - oh and buried it up there as well. I will say this, for his inference of being a top, I could tell that hole had seen some action. I've eaten enough to know used from unused. He was the latter.

But he had an incredible cock - and one I love and he loved me to love. I used my better than average skills to orally pleasure him. See?

He had a dirty fuckin mouth on him and a dirty mind. We both wanted him to fuck me, but it did not happen, though he was happy to play with where his dick would have gone.

He continued to tweak my nipples, play with my ass and push his cock into my mouth. All of this lasted only maybe 40 minutes and I could have gone on and on and on. But he was well down the road of needing to lose his load and he did - right in my mouth.

Of course I swallowed it all, just as I had promised him.

He left his brand new bottle of poppers with me saying he'd come back for them tomorrow - AND to fuck my ass.

Unfortunately, I still have the poppers and he still had his load. He never showed, though did email apologizing for not being able to make it.

Next time I'm in his town, I will let him hit that!

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