Sunday, June 06, 2010


I was drunk, but that is hardly an excuse. I wanted it.

I was working in Orlando and had been out drinking with co-workers in the hotel bar for hours. I had an early morning and I had to get to bed. But the best laid plans, huh........?

Upon hitting the 9th floor of the hotel, but before getting to my room, I fired up Grindr. Hell, I had to brush my teeth and take out my contacts - it's not like I was immediately going to bed.

...and here he was.....

While it said 600 feet from me, the guy was more like a half mile. In a hotel that was seemingly next door, but you know with those service roads and stuff, it is a bit farther. He took longer than he anticipated and I started to doze off from my drunken haze.

....but then there was a knock on my door, rousing me from my almost-sleep.

Turns out he was drunk too. A towering aussie who much have stood 6'5" or 6'6", tons of blonde hair and a dark tan. Throw on one of those small bathing caps and smaller swim trunks and he was a stereotypical guy from Oz that we have all lusted after at one point or another.

And that dick was true to its pic. Maybe longer and fatter, even. Pure beauty.

I dropped to my knees and put it in my mouth as he sat on the edge of one of my two beds - him being equally as drunk it would seem. It is not like two drunk guys have never gone at it at the Orlando Renaissance hotel before.

He stiffened in my mouth and he was more than a little verbal. For a split second, I hoped my co-workers weren't sharing the floor with me, let alone adjoining rooms, but then I figured "eh, what the fuck?". As usual, I have a much easier time throating a bigger cock than a smaller one and I easily got this down. I loved feeling the skin, as there was plenty of it....and I loved hearing his austrailian moans.

He eventually dragged me up by my pits and had me stand in front of him while he continued to sit on the bed. He went down on me and was an expert cocksucker. But I wasn't ready to lose my load, though I could have easily and called it a night.

I wanted to go back down on him but OZ guy had other ideas. He rubbed up against me from behind and said "oh you want this, don't you?". I admitted I did, but wasn't prepared to take it. I didn't know how "fresh" I was down there. He didn't care.

The man was no finesse. Maybe partly due to his alcohol intake. Maybe partly due to his size. Or a combo of. He was rough. He was ready. He was raw. All things I can admire in a man.

I was pushed face down towards the bed, his hulking frame atop of me. Him burrowing deeper.

I think he was as hot on the trigger as I was because he didn't last long - 5-7 minutes before busting his nut in my ass. I lay there for a minute while he slinked out of my butt.

Naturally, I was expecting it to be over and that was ok. I really needed to sleep. But he got down on his knees and took me in his mouth and sucked me till I creamed his tonsils.

He grabbed his shorts and shirt and was out the door. I didn't even bother cleaning up anything and went to bed.


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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic end to a night out far better to have that big sausage.
Than a shitty burger and fry's
Eddie xx

Mark (iBLASTinside) said...

Well fuck dude. You had some damn good luck with Grindr.

Anonymous said...

Your posting reminded me of my night in Sydney, Australia and my first gloryhole encounters.

I blew probably five hot Aussie cocks that night. I get hard whenever I think about that night.