Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pittsburgh Fucker

The title gives it all away - doesn't it? Oh well.

This guy also answered my ad and was seemingly looking for a blowjob. I agreed. I'm a cocksucker - and it is what I do. Or one of the things I do.

44, 6' 195, hairy chest, 7+ thick, love to be services and more

Not only did the guy show up, but he was early. I was ok with that. I was ready for him, actually probably pacing my hotel room in anticipation for getting another load.

I didn't get a face shot of him prior to, but he was ok looking. The rest of him matched his description, as we stripped down. He was already hardening, as was I.

I did not get directly on my knees as we stood there looking each other over. I ran my hands over his body and penis and he did the same to me - except for the penis part. I don't think this guy was straight, but he wasn't going to play with dick. To some, that might be a problem. To me, it was a plus.

(Un)fortunately, like the feeder earlier in the day, he found my nipples. I think he figured out they were attached to everything immediately, but didn't play that card..............yet. I went to my knees.

The guy seems to appreciate I could take his thick rod all the way to his bush. And like guy #1, pumped my face. But damn if his hands did not go back to my chest - and that made me quiver, something I know I did not hide at all.

He got it. He knew it. He knew what to do with that info.

He had me stand up and played with my nipples with one hand and the other disappeared below my nuts. I was like jelly.

He played with my nipples some more. But then directed me down to the couch that was in the hotel room. At first he had me sit on it and just have my ass at the edge of it. He came at me, I didn't try to stop him. He knew he had me.

Unfortunately, the angle was all off. It was a valiant attempt, but it wasn't going to work. He hoisted me up by my pits and bent me over the bed. A little spit, a little force and he was in. All the way in.

And then he fucked.

He wasn't bad at his job, but sometimes he had too many quick jabs. He was a horny man and one that was seeming to fight pulling the trigger too soon. I don't think me milking his shaft with my ass muscles were helping matters. But I like to excite and please.

The guy started talking about how he liked fucking my ass and how he knew he'd be fucking it. Between strokes I asked 'you did?' He said, 'yeah, I knew I'd fuck your ass when you replied back to me - I was gonna breed this hole'.

Love a man who is self-confident. And breed my hole he did.

I would say about 10 minutes into the fucking he let out a groan that signaled the end of the fuck. His jizz spilled into my accepting butt and I took it.

Maybe Pittsburgh isn't such a bad place after all.

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