Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Set-Up Fuck

I feel as though I am back on a roll. I'm not only feeling more sexual, but doing something about it. Or maybe it's the other way around - but it's working, whatever it is.

Last week I hooked up with this guy I had been trying to nail (or really trying to get him to nail me) for the last few weeks. Finally our schedules meshed.

While there is a story behind it all, I won't go into it much more than he is the ex of a friend of mine. It was the friend's suggestion that I find a way to get the guy's attention and I did. But c'mon - my friend knows this guy pretty well, so he knew what he would and would not respond to.

"Mark" responded pics of my ass and ample sized penis. Make no mistakes, at least for the first go-round, there wasn't really any mention of doing much with my dick - but we'll get to that in a minute.

Mark showed exactly on time. We had little discussion on what was anyone's 'like' list. I knew only because of my bud, but Mark didn't know this. He assumed what he wanted - and it was mostly all correct. I never said he was stupid.

He also never told me his stats - including dick size. So I was quite impressed by this:

Fuck - who wouldn't be impressed by that??

A beautiful 8.5", thick and thickly veined cock!!!!

The pic was snapped after he had fucked me, so that is why it's so shiny. But again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Mark came in, we stood and stayed in the kitchen. I took the lead and started massaging his crotch through his shorts. He let me. I could feel him grow and could tell he'd be substantial, but I really had no idea how much so.

I went to my knees and he made no attempt to stop me. I loved putting my mouth on his dick and sinking down on it to his bush. He didn't seem to mind either. As you might imagine, that piece really filled my mouth too. I could only wonder how it would feel in my ass.

It did not take long to find out. Mark stood me up and took me to the island and had me turn around. He went down and ate my ass. Normally I'm pretty sensitive and responsive to that, and while it felt ok, it didn't feel great. Better than a stick in the eye, though.

When he was done, he immediately stood up and right behind me. While I love spit for lube, you did see his cock, right? This one was gonna need some help. I wasn't completely stupid, I did put out some lube just in case.

I also put out this....
I was told he wouldn't use it, but I thought it would be good for show. That's all it was. It remained untouched. Hell, it remained uncommented about.

So I greased up Mark's thick rod and he turned me back around. I do have to say, the guy was a champ. Yeah, there was some stretching and a little discomfort on my part, but after he expertly inserted it into me, I can't even begin to tell you how great it felt.

The guy was a pro at fucking. Varying speeds and intensity. Good moves with his hips and grabbing my nipples all at the right time - it made me respond, which made him respond, which made me respond.......and there you have a not-so-vicious-cycle. Maybe one of weird pleasure you need to stop but don't want to stop. We didn't. least for a while.

Mark braced himself on the stove behind him with his hands and told me to fuck myself on his cock. I obliged gladly. I think we both loved that too.

He had an ok dirty mouth, but I think he was getting used to me and what I'd either respond to, or shy away from. As if! He did say nice things like "move that whore's ass back onto my cock" - which made me do just that - with a passion.

We did that for about 10 minutes and then he took over again. The guy had a move which I don't recall ever experiencing before - and let's face it, I'm a little experienced. He'd almost pull completely out but do something with the head of his cock right at my outer sphincter that would make it burn almost white hot, but in a good way. He did that several times. Fuck it felt great - and I told him so.

At various times during the session, he'd slow down or stop (not pull out) because he became too close to coming. I would say he edged himself (with my help) close to seven or eight times. But the last time was just too much and he buried himself in me with hard hard hard thrusts and got his nut. He said he wanted as deep in me as possible. I couldn't have agreed more.

Mark stayed in me for a bit longer, his chest stuck to my back with the huge amounts of sweat we had built up. You'd think that when we straightened up and he pulled out that cum leaked out all over the floor, but it was our sweat. How do I know? I smelled and tasted.

But his cock, as you can see, came out all glistening - so I sent down and licked him clean. I wasn't too worried as I really did a good job of cleaning myself out before he came over. I do not think he was expecting that. I'm not sure I was either.

I couldn't do the entire clean up he he jumped in the shower, then dressed and left. But I can tell you, whatever my friend's motivation is about having this guy fuck me - I don't care. We will be doing it again. And again.

He liked my ass. I loved his cock. What could be better?


The Breeder said...

Jeez, that was a hot entry. I can see why you'd go nuts for that dick.

Scott said...

such a hot time. It got me off. That dick looks tasty!

Anonymous said...

Fuck! This shit is hot!
Mind if I base a fantasy off your good times? -- As you're cleaning off Mark's slimy cock, I get behind you and kiss and lick your tender, oozing manhole, tasting you and him.