Thursday, October 21, 2010

1 of 3

Since I've been on such a dry spell (at least for me), I will break up the three encounters I had in one day into three separate posts. Not only will it get me back into writing this blog, but to string along readers to keep coming back.

What? Was I not supposed to say that aloud?

So I was working from home the other day and my mind was on anything but work. It was a cool and rainy morning and I was way too distracted by on-line possibilities that loomed out there with potential for real world meet-ups.

There was more potential than there was actual - but that is the way these things go, as we are all aware of by now.

Craigslist was giving me nothing. was giving me zilch. Finally Manhunt provided some potential.

The guy had 8.5", but it was massively thick. He claimed to also have a 10 day load. Promising, indeed. He had some available time in early afternoon, which worked for me with breaks from conference calls and he was only about 20 minutes from me, if Google maps were to be believed.

I brought poppers and that's about it.

I can't say I was elated when he opened the door. Older. A little scraggley in the beard and hair area. I was looking more at the 8.5" dick thing than the face, though I do like a good face.

I also like a 10 day load, or the thought of it.

The entire scene was anticlimactic - literally.

While it's a great thing to have a big dick, it's another thing if you don't have enough blood in your body to get it up. I'm sure anyone could blame the cocksucker and his inabilities to do a good enough job to excite, but I've done this, oh say, 3000 other times and have a pretty good track record.

Yeah, I went and licked his ball. Sucked them even. He jacked. ...and jacked. ...and jacked some more. Clearly, I was not into it, but it was uncertain whether he was.

At some point he goes, "are you ready for it?" I I just wanted to be gone. I put my mouth on it and he "shoots". Yes, that is in hypothetical quotation marks.

If he said that was his 10th load of the day and not his first load in 10 days, I'd almost get it. But that wasn't the case. There was seemingly nothing there. At all.

No fluid. No volume. No taste.

When it was apparently all gone, I jumped up and was in the process of putting my shoes. He seemed like getting off was a huge release for him. Then he dropped a mini-bomb:

He tells me he remembered me from another time I blew him. I'm normally really good at remembering guys I have been with - yes, even with the volume I've been with. And then it came back to me. I even blogged about it here.

Internally, I shuddered with the thought that I now had done this twice, but it all kind of made sense now.

Later (after the other two) and I went home, I looked at his screen name again. It was different. I don't totally remember the other one, but this one wasn't one I recognized. He probably had to change identity to get anyone to hook up with him.

Unfortunately for me, it worked. I do not think I will be making that mistake again.

At least of my three for this day, it only got better.


Anonymous said...

You know, these days, it's just plain bad manners (and poor life skills) for a guy at that age and in that state of health to have failed to see the doctor and obtained a prescription for stiffie drugs.

Viagra. Cialis. Levitra.

He owes it to his cocksucker even more than he owes it to himself.

Black Bull said...

I am sorry Bike...I know that it is really NOT funny when you hit a dud like that, but I have to admit that I laughed my ass off reading your account of the not so eventful event. Happens to the best of us.