Friday, October 22, 2010

2 of 3

After I was done with the below average guy, I had a bit of time before I needed to get back to my actual job. I headed to a park.

This park is mostly open space and guys cruise around in their cars and take their business elsewhere. At least that has always been my experience.
But at early afternoon on a cold and now rainy day, anyone at this park was there for pretty much one reason: hook-ups.

Of course, in the middle of the day, you get the elderly (and I do mean OLD) or the unemployed (I mean, a little down on their luck and don't feel the need to shower each and every day). Clearly, you had others too: me. Employed, unshowered and not elderly - or at least not AARP level, or in many cases, should have their license revoked due to age.

The almost infirmed and the icky would pull up next to me and I'd just shake my head in a ''s not gonna happen' way, or just never look up until they got the hint. The advent of the smartphone as a distraction in places like that has been a blessing.

But soon a nice looking car with a nice looking gentleman pulled up a few spaces away from me. A few too many spaces away for any kind of verbal communication, if one desired. The pouring rain did not help matters. Nor did the somewhat steady stream of cars that kept passing by, as they do when two somewhat normal looking men start to take interest in each other. It becomes a potential public show and the flies are all over that shit.

The guy, who was there for a bit, was probably shorter, dark hair with specks of grey, not only in his full head of hair, but his full, but neatly trimmed beard. I don't show anything out in public there, because you just don't know and he wasn't making the first move. Eventually, he moved on with the cars that seemingly would never end passing us by. I stayed for a bit and then moved down to a lower level within the park.

I parked way over near nobody...and then checked email. When I looked up, a few cars away, but standing outside, was Mr. Goodlooking. And yes, he confirmed his lack of height. He looked my way and then headed down a steep embankment towards the lake. I gave him a few minutes and made my way down and followed.

As often as I've been in this park, I've never ventured down this terrain, let alone in the rain...and the mud. It was safe to say, not many people would be bothering us with these elements in place.

He was well down a path I had never seen but at least he was in sight - and he knew I was following. Excellent.

Still I was hesitant. I don't normally play in the parks, because of, you know, getting busted. That's definitely a downer.

He stopped in an area and I went a few feet further and stood. I wasn't one for making the first move. Again, being busted is not high on my list. He played with himself. I did a little pocket pool myself. He came closer, I stayed still. He reached for my crotch, I let him.

Eventually he unzipped me, played with me through my briefs and eventually fished out my 8" dick. I wasn't happy where we were standing so moved down the path a bit, a little more secluded but more importantly, had more tree cover to lessen how wet we were getting from the rain.

The man certainly was part Latino, and had a wickedly hot smile. Teeth to die for. Made him even more handsome than just his full beard.

The guy went down on me and had a really nice mouth, but I wasn't really there to get sucked. While down there, he pulled out his dick. Respectable length, like 6.5" with what was seemingly a thin shaft. It was hard to gauge since the head was disproportionately large. It made anything that went below it seem thin.

He stood up and I crouched down and took him into my mouth. He loved it. I knew I was doing a good job and made me validate my abilities after that last encounter.

We traded off a few more times, clearly it was myself who spent more time down there than he was. It is not that I think he wasn't into it, but he probably picked up on the idea that I was INTO it. Really into it.

During one of the times we were standing and admiring each other (well, at least I was admiring him), I leaned in and whispered in his ear, "I really want to feel that head of yours expand in my mouth".

Now, I don't think I was keeping any secrets of what I really wanted, but I like the mystery and for him to interpret the way he wants. True, it could backfire, but I felt confident that he got the message and agreed with it.

At one point he was close, really close, and someone came down the path. While I don't mind being watched, I didn't know this guy's take on it and it's always nice to be watched by someone hot. The guy on the path was not. But you know my theory - if you're gonna play in public, you can't expect it to be private.

The guy didn't stick around and kept walking. Latino guy let me go back down on him and down I went. My nose, right into his bush.

It didn't take me long to get him back to the point he had been at a few minutes before. If nothing else, it edged him a little, maybe plying a bigger load my way. I felt a hand on my head and I knew it was coming. I was waiting for it - anticipating.

Unlike the first guy, this latino man fired 5-6 healthy shots that went right to my tonsils. You could feel the seed hitting the back of my throat before the rest flooded my mouth. He was everything the first guy was not.

Not a sound was made by the man standing over me, yet he just kept unloading his balls into my mouth. I swallowed happily. He seemed happy that I was.

He watched me gulp it all, then squeeze and lick what little came out afterwards.
I stood and I think he would have loved for me to pump my load all over the mud and leaves that lay below us. But I wasn't really willing to do that.

He reached up and pinched my right nipple and you know how those things are just on switches for me. Had he done that earlier, I would have bent over for him, instead of go to my knees. I told him as much. He grinned.

Then he reached behind to feel my ass through my 501s. I did him one better.....I dropped them so he could really feel. He made that face of like "ohhhh yeah......I'd so like to hit that". You know the pursed lips and the inhale with the lusty eyes look? He had that.

He took his big hand and rubbed my hairy ass and then gave it a little smack...very lightly. I looked at him and nodded. He hit harder. Then a little harder.

None of it was that hard, but I think that was he didn't want to make too much noise out there where sound traveled. He stood behind me and rubbed his now jean-covered crotch against my crack, and for a moment, I was hoping he'd unzip and be back at attention.

However, two guys just then were seen in the distance. Latino guy pulled away and I pulled up my pants. It was time for us both to go - and my guy took off first, with me following a minute or so behind.

Neither of the two approaching guys were good enough to stick around for, so I headed back to my car - and to #3.

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