Saturday, October 09, 2010

Morning Grindr Suck

I was out of town on business and having zero luck on Craigslist and Manhunt. It happens. It's happened a lot lately.

And the hotel I was staying at had a nice, but packed, gym. Trust me, I'm going somewhere with all of this.

So instead of trying to workout at the hotel gym, I would take long morning walks. And by morning, I mean leave at 05:30 and walk about four miles. Next to the hotel was not only a housing development, but an office park. One corporation, but a dozen buildings. For semi-full disclosure, I work for this corporation too.

I was walking, dressed in sweats and wearing and playing music from my iPhone during this walk. It was still dark out. People at the office park arrive early here. Even I don't get to work by 06:00. Or even a half hour later. But I was dodging cars that were not used to seeing walkers before dawn.

Not long after, my iPhone buzzed. I pulled it out of my pocket to see I had a message on Grindr. Apparently I left the app on. Oops. The guy was about 1500 feet away (+/- 236 feet). There was almost no way he wasn't in this group of buildings.

I replied back and we exchanged a few messages. I never really stopped walking. I told him I was out walking - he asked if had on this and that and was wearing glasses. Clearly he was one of the people who passed me while he was driving. Or he had extra good vision from his office window.

He asked if I wanted 'some company' back at my hotel. Sure, why not, I said. He had 30 minutes. He said he'd be there in 5 minutes - and he was.

His Grindr picture said 'Chance' He told me he was 'Allen'. He was taller than I thought. Taller than myself - maybe 6'4". A quiet guy of 27 (or said his profile), but I would have pegged him almost 10 years older. There had been no talk of sex.

I sat on the ottoman to take off my shoes and he moved to stand right in front of me, crotch to my face. I made the move to his belt. He didn't stop me.

His briefs showed he'd have a nice piece of meat. It'd turn out to be a nice solid, semi-thick, 7.5" of dick. I went down on it and he didn't stop me.

He asked to take off his pants and I took off my sweat pants as he did it. He went down on me, but he wasn't as much of a cocksucker as a guy who used his hand 90% of the time and his mouth 10% - and I might be generous with those percentages.

I wasn't really wanting to get blown anyways. It's been SO long since I've done it, I figured it was my time. I went back down on him and I think I was doing a good job.

He wanted to go to the bed, which isn't ideal for me giving head, but......who was I to argue at this point. It got worse, he wanted to 69. Never my ideal.

I was going down on him and he was basically jacking me off with a little mouth action. Very little. Had I wanted, I could have easily ejaculated, but I can also control my orgasm like no one's business. I told him I had come earlier (lie!) and wasn't sure I could come. And then I went back down on him.

Between my bobs, I told him how much I wanted his load in my mouth. He responded to it. I could feel his balls tighten and his shaft get even harder. Since he was a quiet guy, I knew I wasn't going to get any forewarning of him about to shoot. And I was right. Of course I was. I've done this only a few times before. And by few, I mean few thousand.

This load basically dribbled out. There were no bursts of cum or even squirts. It just showed up and was there. It was a little bitter, but that's ok too.

He washed up and was about to leave. I told him to be careful, if he wasn't looking to be noticed and that the hotel was full of corporate folks. He didn't seem to care. I'm guessing it wasn't his first time visiting that hotel.

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