Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not Really a Sex Post

A number of people, over the years, have said I should take my stories and make them more into book form.

It's nice idea, but I would imagine the audience would be somewhat limited. Then there is that whole messy book tour I'd have to do. I think it is enough to want to be in movies.

I know there are others of my nature out there in book form. I wouldn't be the first. I wouldn't be the last. But fuck if someone didn't do it in fiction form - which probably isn't the first either.

And it looks horrid.

Some douche named Scott Alexander Hess is releasing a book called Diary of a Sex Addict. Ugh. Been there.

And the excerpt they give, if it is any indication on how the rest of the book goes, isn't all that good. First, it's fiction. Strike One. Secondly, it doesn't even seem like good fiction.

You can read here, if you opt to. But I'd rather you just read blogs like mine for the real stories.


Anonymous said...

I expect some of his ideas came from reading blogs like yours. What if one or more of your adventures appeared in his book?


Anonymous said...

I read it and wish I hadn't. You're right -- it blows, and not in a good way. It's not remotely hot and so full of self-loathing that it pissed me off. But that's the stereotype, eh? Sex addicts are deeply troubled people. I may not be the most well-balanced guy in the universe, but I have a lot of fun with sex, and the various ways I get it. As I think you do. I think there is a need for your kind of writing, not this crap. Rock on, bikeguy.