Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Travel sex is clearly where I score the most action. I'm on the road quite a bit and you know, I look for the strange in a strange place. It's what I do.

Depending on the town, the usual hook-up sites are over-saturated or non-existent. Take the west - a town I was in lately had a guy 4 mi away....the next one was 138 mi away. I like cock, but not driving 2+ hours each way for it.

In a town like Los Angeles, there can be pages of people within 2 miles of you and still have little to no prospects, but L.A. is a different kind of town. It's an industry town and many think they are too good for anyone. I normally strike out there.


So, I have done my work in L.A. and killing time before my red-eye. I had already done my interview for Service and now was just doing a little driving around when I get a buzz on the phone saying I had a message on Grindr.

It was one of the odder things I had encountered. A guy I hooked up with back last December, close to town was in L.A. on business too - and at his hotel near the airport. This guy and I were 44 miles from each other locally and 7 months later still couldn't get it together for a repeat anything. I kind of had a thing for him.

Yet here he was, asking me to come to his hotel to play. I was ok with that. I had to be at the airport anyways. Then he tells me, there'll be a third person there. Young. 22.

I get to the hotel room and "Brent" opened the door. Still as handsome as all get-out. And naked. He closes the door and goes over to 'the kid' and they start sucking face as I start disrobing.

I walk over and Brent starts kissing me while the kid goes down on him. Eventually the kid goes down on my dick too. Then he's up and kissing me. The kid is a good kisser. He's a good cocksucker too.

We did nice equal times with each other's mouths and cocks. Swapping positions, and it was all working very well. Then there was a knock at the door. Brent told me there was a fourth.

I went back to making out with the kid.

#4 was an ok guy. Hey, he brought poppers. But you could tell just by his look and/or reaction that this was not meant to be.

Yeah, he stripped down and made out with our host, but I didn't expect him to stay the duration. The kid went down on him, but #4 was into the host. So was I, but for 22, the kid was hot. Little body fat, nice big flat nipples, tight abs and at least 8".

I could have easily done 1-on-1 with the kid.

#4 only wanted to make out with the host or go down on him. That was ok for a bit, since I got to spend time working, or being worked on by the 22 year old. His big fat dick slipped so easily down my throat.

But what little I know Brent, I knew he wanted to fuck the kid and truthfully, I wanted to see that. But I wanted both of them to fuck me. #4 I didn't care about and it wouldn't matter anyways. Soon, I looked up to see him putting on his pants - and soon after he was gone. No shock.

Brent went to go fuck the kid and he swiveled his head to see bare dick. He asked for a rubber. Brent complied. You could tell he wanted it bare, but he wanted the kid more.

The kid took the dick with ease and was way into it. He moaned. He asked for more. He begged for more.

Brent paced himself well and would pull out and go down and eat his ass, then go back to fucking him. A few times he took off the rubber, thinking he might go in raw, but each time the kid "caught" him.

Brent did bend me over and slide in skin to skin. The kid watched closely and said nothing of our method. But when Brent went back to him, he suited up.

The kids was on his back and taking it up the ass. I went down and ate his cock. Not the best angle, but it worked. In between my sucking, I praised him for what a good fuck-boy he was and how good he was at taking a grown man's dick up his ass. He muttered something about being fucked since he was 16 by older men. He knew what he was doing.

Brent fucked harder. I went back down. The kid got closer to coming. ...and then he couldn't hold off anymore.

He shot a lot, but not all in my mouth. Brent pulled me off it and some went on the kid's abs. Then the host went down and licked it clean, while he was still buried up the ass. But he was close too and pulled out.

Brent pulled off the rubber and pushed me down on his about to be spurting dick while he kissed the 22 year old.

I took it all.

They both laid me back on the bed and had me stroke off while they watched and made out. No one cleaned me up or licked anything after I ejaculated.

I jumped in the shower, since I still have a few hours until my red-eye and then six hours on that flight. I didn't really think anyone next to me wanted me smelling like jizz.

As I was drying off after my scrub down, I heard the two talking, well....Brent: "no, he's just someone I hook up with. He's nobody".

There's a way to put me into perspective, huh?

I dressed and went to go catch my plane.

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Aaron said...

That sucks man. Maybe he was just appeasing the kid.