Thursday, November 03, 2011


I had not seen him in years - sexually, that is.

I had seen him around town, but we had not "played" for quite a bit. I always forget why where are lapses, until I'm with him and it comes back. I'll forget again and it will happen again - but not for a while.

"Owen" is a decent looking guy. Handsome. He's big too. Bigger than me. Maybe 6'4" or 6'5". Not fat, but had put on weight in the last few years. He's bigger down there too - pushing 9" when fully hard.

But Owen also has a penchant for doing it in basements or storage lockers in his apartment building. And while I have certainly done it there and not minded, but when a better space is available, why not take it?

He sent an email out of the blue - I mean, it had been years. "Any chance I can jam my cock down your throat this week?" he wrote. I replied, "How about now?" We met up in 20 minutes.

I truly believe he was disappointed not to use a dark and dingy place for me to get on my knees, but we had better and warmer accommodations. He brought poppers. He brought lube. I wasn't prepped for the lube since that wasn't the tone of the email and the short turn-around time of contact to meeting. And his size. 9" is a lot to take.

We got right down to it. He wanted to kiss, but I did not - and it wasn't just the cold sore on his lip, but that was partially it, if truth be told.

While down on my knees he told me he wanted to objectify me. I wasn't sure what he meant by that. I don't think he knows what he meant by that.

And here's what struck me about Owen this time, which it never has....I'm not sure he's all there. Something doesn't fire or trigger, some capacity in mental ability seems just a bit short. I'm phrasing this as nice as possible because I'm not sure that is it, but he seems a bit off and I think that is the reason for the years in lapse of our get togethers. It is off-putting to me. He's like a gentle giant who doesn't know he'd physically hurt someone and just be happy as a clam if he did because the ability to know that doesn't exist.

He stood while I was on my knees. He sat back in a chair, while I was on my knees. He hovered over me as I was on my back. All times I fed on his cock. And it feels great in my mouth. I hope my mouth feels good on his cock too.

Perhaps it is my ability, or perhaps it is his 9 fat inches, but it was never fully hard. Usually it is, but not this time.

It didn't matter, he took that task into his own hand. I'm not one for helping a guy along with my fist, and would rather finish the job without their intervention, but he didn't consult me and I knew he was on a tighter timeline.

I wasn't expecting a few things: one - that he would get off so quickly after starting to jack his cock which never achieved full hardness even with his manipulation. two - that going by his email about getting a load down my throat, that he wouldn't actually put it in my mouth. three - the amount of that load.

Number three is my fault. He has shot on my face before and it was quite remarkable the volume of semen he produces. And it's thick. Some of the thickest goo I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. But fuck - the volume.

You can see below what he produced. What you don't see is that I had already swallowed about one-third of it that did go in my mouth or that I had licked from my lips.

As soon as he was done shooting, he stood up and went and just gazed out the window, like a child.

Maybe he did know what "objectify" means.

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Anonymous said...

If it had been me we would have had a long wet sloppy kiss to finish digesting that semen. What was he thinking?