Thursday, November 17, 2011

His Dead Sister's Apartment

How's that for a fucking blog title? Got your attention, I bet!

He was on-line at Scruff and I was about to send him a message when I saw I already had a few weeks before. But got no response.

He was hot. He was hairy. He was HOT.

What he also was, was a guy I played with a few years back in DC. I clearly didn't realize it when I messaged him weeks before, but all of the sudden I had this trigger of...."hey, wait a sec....".

I messaged him again and reintroduced myself. I also called him by name, since I remembered it. You tend to remember a guy like this. "David".

He was thrilled I remembered and he had not forgotten me. ...and he was three miles away, not 300.

As it turns out David was staying at his mother's house while helping out for a long weekend. He was there to clean out his sister's apartment after her untimely death. I assumed the time for sex was not this weekend. I did offer to meet him for a beer. He said he'd think about it.

The next morning he texted me and asked how the day was. I was just starting work, he was just getting going himself. It was miserable cold and pouring rain. He said he needed to be distracted. I don't think he was talking about having a beer. I took the bait. 10 minutes later I was in my car. 10 minutes after that, I was at the apartment.

His recently deceased sister's apartment.

As cold and miserable as it was outside, it was just as cold in, as I'm assuming the super had turned off the heat. No one was living there, only someone stopping by to clear out the stuff.

Immediately we kissed. Last time we did too. David is an incredibly handsome man and obviously has a good body to boot. He is fun to make out with. ...and to play with.

There was some sucking - me on him. He played with my nips and you all know what that does to me. In short order, I was soon kneeling on his sister's bed and he was slipping he his salami.

It felt fucking great: his cock, his hairy chest on my back. But he couldn't sustain the hard-on and I can't really blame him. Besides being freezing in the apartment, he was fucking me on his dead sister's bed!!!! That has to be a bit weird, no?

And there was timing issues. I know he was watching the clock as his sister's boss was showing up to collect her laptop and work items and then someone was coming to pick up the furniture, as they had purchased it.

Not only was I getting fucked on the bed of deceased woman, but breaking it in for a new owner. I have zero shame.

So that didn't work, but that's ok. He wanted to suck me and that was ok. David has a great mouth and I wanted to make him feel better about what he was doing there, even though getting sucked was not on my agenda. And I did provide him with a big warm load too.

In a way, I thought that might be the end of it. But he was hoping I would do down on him. Of course I would.

Truth be told, like many men, after I cum, I can sort of lose interest in sex. Getting off can be a very selfish act even when it is not intended to be. We are a slave to our bodies and minds though. That is just how mine typically works. You know I give my body to a few - as you've read, but when my dick spurts, I can't always help what happens next.

David was in luck, I went to my knees and took that beautiful cut cock into my mouth. It still had some of my ass taste on it, but that was ok. I got that cleaned off in a minute and went to work.

While still watching the clock, I know he was having trouble concentrating and getting erect - or staying erect. I am 90% it was not me.

After about 10 minutes of sucking he just FLOODED my mouth. Just a ton of cream. There was no warning. There was no sound. I gladly swallowed it all, knowing I had helped out a man in need.

I pulled off, smiled and stood up to kiss him. He looked confused.

He says to me, "if you give me a minute, I'm sure I can cum for you". I had to tell him he just did - and the amount he gave. He looked surprised. He had not even realized he had ejaculated.

So he says, "if you give me a minute, I guess I can cum for you again". And he did. A load as big as the first, if not bigger. Talk about a surprise.

We parted knowing he would have visitors arriving in the next 5-10 minutes and that I had to get back to work. Totally worth delaying the start of my day.


BlkJack said...

A hot post even knowing about the sister's death. Thanks for getting me so horny, again!

starbman said...

Nice! I fucked a guy in his dead neighbor's house/bed. Like you said, strange but good!