Monday, November 14, 2011

Piss and Vinegar

It was a new scene for me. Well some of it.

I was out of town and looking around some of the adult social media "dating" sites. Lots of promise. Lots of close by folks. Lots of flakes. Same old - same old.

One guy was close by, but he was pretty much all bottom - sub even. 41, 6'3", 215 lbs.

I never know why I change gears once a year, but I was in the mood to get off. He was convenient. Twice. Twice in two days, that is. And now and again, I like to flex my proverbial muscle of if I can top. The results are very mixed.

I'll give the guy this, he had a great mouth. Smooth, warm, and it could hit every inch of me without every finding any of this tooth enamel. That has been hard to find with most cocksuckers.

He showed and I was in the zone. My cock was rock hard. I made him chew on it through my boxer briefs. He wetted those down and made me harder.

Once out, he showed me he had years of experience. Lots and lots - something like me. For reasons unknown his sub abilities kept me hard, at least for a while.

The guy was good with his mouth. I had him lick my balls and it just sent me over the edge - in my mind, not from my shaft. I didn't cum then.

I spread my legs and with body language prompted him to go lower. He did - with gusto. The guy was an expert ass eater. Since I had been traveling for a day, I knew I wasn't out of the shower fresh, and he didn't mind, which gave him additional credit in my book.

But the longer this all went on, the harder it was for me to maintain my top-ness (i.e. my erection). Had I been the one sucking, licking and eating, I'd have had a boner for days. This just showed my limitations for being a top.

I did finish myself off by hand while he fingered my hole. I dumped my load in his mouth. He swallowed. He kept holding my soft cock in his mouth and just wouldn't take it out. Eventually I made him get off it. Then he left. ...but it did get my thinking.

The next night he messaged me again, wanting more. I had no other prospects and I was just coming back from a dinner and was pretty well lit.

I was still professionally dressed when he got there, and in my top mood.

He came over and I let him unzip me. He sucked me, he took off my footwear and socks. He put my cock in his mouth again and I just told him not to move. He did and didn't obey my command. He did not go up and down on my cock, but he would contract his mouth/throat that would upset the order of that I intended.

With so much booze and water in me, I had to go and my theory was from the night before, he held his mouth on me waiting for some piss. He didn't get it that night, but he would this one.

It took me a bit to work up to the flow, but I did and I thought I controlled it quite nicely. This guy wasn't stupid, and while I said nothing about pissing in his mouth, the telling him to hold still and the wait had to inform him exactly what was to happen.

However, as much as I controlled the flow, he had trouble keeping up. Gagging. Coughing. Annoying. After multiple attempts and mouthfuls for him, I just pushed him off my dick and let the rest of my bladder empty into the hotel toilet. Still the ability to just piss in his mouth was a hot concept for me. The feel of that urine just flowing from my cock into him was hot.

He kept apologizing over and over for failing. I didn't let him off the hook or accept his apology. A real top wouldn't, right?

He went back to sucking, licking and then I rolled over for him eating my ass. Here's a little clip of that.

I will fully admit to somewhat dozing off for a few minutes as this guy ate my ass for 45 minutes at least. Hey, I was hammered! This tongue up my hole was a great feeling, and he never was getting tired and digging in while I just fucking relaxed. I'm not sure he was any the wiser that I had a few minute siesta.

But once again, I had to bring myself off by hand into his mouth. Not the ideal.

The next day, via the social media, he apologized for his not being able to take my piss. I wasn't too worried. I wasn't going to see him again, even though he did request a third meet-up. I didn't care about disappointing him, I just didn't want to disappoint myself.

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Anonymous said...

I guess the ass eating made up for his not taking all your piss. Looks like he was trying hard to please.