Friday, November 04, 2011

In My Tribe

So chalk up another visitor that it has been years between sightings.

I know "Jeff" from acquaintances, he's also been at my gym now and again and I've seen him at shul. For all those instances, we don't really know each other as we run in separate groups. He's also married with kids in college or late in high school. I had sucked him once - years ago. We jacked off once too in the locker room of my gym, but we never touched each other there - just mutual admiration jacking.

Out of the blue, I get an email from him asking if I was free, as he was near the neighborhood. As I am always happy to see Jeff, the timing worked out that I was not busy. He stopped by 10 minutes later.

Looking good as always, Jeff is about 6', 180, greying hair and a very handsome face. As I had not seen him in two years (and more), he'd added a few pounds but nothing major, just a little noticeable. We went inside.

There was a little chit chat about some mutual people from Temple and such, but overall it was down to business. His business in my mouth.

Not that being married really has a thing to do with it, but Jeff doesn't really suck dick. He doesn't mind looking at it or even touching it, stroking it, but he is a feeder. That's fine, because I am an eater. And he has a decent always rock hard 7" on him. Cut, of course. And clearly a nice helmet head.

He sat down and undid his tie. I took care of unbuttoning his shirt. I played with the nipples on his clipped chest. He appreciated the work with my fingers and my mouth. He liked it a lot.

Then I went and undid his belt, his claps and zipper. For a minute I gnawed a little on his grey briefs which was holding back his hard seven inches. The fabric wasn't winning. A few more sessions like this and that poor cotton would be in tatters - from my teeth or the strain of being stretched to kingdom cum.

I did then unleash the beast. Ok, 7" might not be a beast, but the man for being 50-ish, has a cock that is like steel and without the need for any performance enhancing drugs. It is a great piece of meat.

Jeff is very vocal. I forgot about that with him. I attempted to video the session, but did not get far. First round, the camera wasn't even facing towards us/me. But I did get a little audio of how it started. As we went along, it was much more vocal - on his part. On my part, my mouth was full.

I sucked. I licked. I nibbled. I chewed. I gnawed. I deep throated. I took his face fucking. I edged. Oh, how I edged.

I think I could have gotten Jeff off in five minutes, but I had no desire for it to go that quickly. So I repeated all the steps in the above sentence another three or four times.

But eventually the launch code had been activated and there was no way of shutting it down. He said, "I can't stop........I can't" - almost an announcement, almost apologetic. Almost. "OH I'M GONNA SHOOT!!!!!!!! as he pumped a fucking huge huge load into me. It just kept volleying out of there like he had not dumped his nut in weeks. Maybe he hadn't.

After I took the mouthful(s) of seed, he pushed me off, "No No No, it's too sensitive." But after he took a few gasps of air, and I made sure the load was securely down my throat and into my belly, I did go up and take that last pearl of semen off his piss slit and savor it like a good cocksucker would.

We've made no plans for another get together, but one day, I'll see him or hear from him. It might be a while, but he's always welcome.


cb said...

Um, is semen Kosher?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi bikeguy,
That was one hell of a post.
Love everything about it from start to finish. It's always nice to read your post. Keep it cumming sexy man.


BlkJack said...

Your post always give me a boner! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A great piece of meat. Reporting verbal stuff always adds a lot to the session. Another 50 year old squirts happily into a willing, if not anxious, mouth

aaron said...

from one member of the tribe to another, i love hooking up w/ my fellow heebs. dude, i'd love to meetup w/ you sometime.