Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bookstore 2

It was a few dead minutes of wandering and seeing the same guys until I stumbled upon a prospect.

He was in a booth and his gym shorts pulled down below his balls. I spied him from the booth I was sitting in directly across from me. Remember, these booths have no doors.

He looked over at me too. This cock looked nice and very thick with a huge head. I stared and did a very very slight nod. Bookstores are rarely the place for over communication from the onset. He did the same back. I made my way over from my booth to his. He did not stop me from coming in.

For whatever reason he I thought I was new to all of this - whether he meant the bookstore or being with a guy is unknown - and I just took it and ran with it. Maybe it was his fantasy, maybe not, but I could play the part.

He had me kneel in front of him and he put that big head to my lips. I looked up at him like I wasn't sure what to do next. "Open up", he said. I did.  He did a few quick jabs with that meat and pulled way back. The guy was close already  - though to be fair, I have no idea how long he'd been there or how much he'd played with himself.

He then told me he didn't want to blow right then and I was a little disappointed. Of course, I wanted the load.

The guy had me stand up. He turned me around and wanted to see my ass.  I told him (still in that "role"), there was no way I could take something like that up my was too thick.  Actually, it was very thick and even for an experienced guy it would take some doing let alone in a cramped booth. Sure it could be done.

As it turns out, this guys was probably more about getting fucked than fucking. He wanted me to "rub" my cock against his ass. Then it was against his hole....but he didn't want it up there.  Soon enough it 2-3" was up there.

He had me go back and suck him and of course, one of the hotter guys who paid no attention to just me stood in the doorway watching and stroking his 8".  But he wouldn't let me touch it. I wanted it.....but I think he was interested in the scene or just the other guy and I was in the way.   ...then he walked away.

Rubbed his cockhead over my lips and had a nice string of percum that attached to from my lips.  He then did a few deep thrusts into my mouth and lots of spit came out stuck to his head, and stuck to my lips as it connected us for a few seconds before breaking and hanging off his shaft.

Again he had me stand and he turned around for just the "rub". But I jabbed a few times and then he mentioned he was going to blow.

While I wanted to keep the role going, I knew I had seconds to get on my knees. Eagerness of my normal cocksucker mode overrode the hesitant new guy role. He didn't seem to notice.

He blew a huge load into my awaiting mouth. I got there by a fraction of a second, yet some still hit below my lower lip. He continued to shoot and look down on me. Smile on his face.

"Swallow it", came the command.  I looked up and him quizzically and he clamped my mouth shut so I would have no option but to take his seed.

He smiled, snapped his shorts back into place and walked out.

Unknown to me, another guy was at the door.....waiting.........and just about to walk in.

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