Thursday, May 23, 2013


When I was in my teens, I usually hooked up with men in their 20s through 50s.  Guys my age left little to be desired.  As I hit my 20s, I left guys in their 20s behind and still did the 30s-50s.

As I progress in age, I am still attracted to men, but I'm not really looking to hook up with 70 year olds. Logic dictates that for those 25 year olds who put in ads, "no old guys", someday they'll be that guy.  And while 25 year olds don't really hold that much appeal to me, logic also dictates I sleep w guys my age or probably find younger.

Let's not discount the previous me. I liked older men. Guys who are in their teens and 20s, at least some of them, do too.

I'm a daddy. least in age, looks and stature. In my mind, I'm anything but.  But try telling that to a youngster.

Speaking of being young, getting him to commit to a time, let alone him not being able to come over until he could get use of his parent's car was enlightening.  I was never like that as a young adult. But I never relied on my parents after turning 17, so.....

5'11, 190 (solid build), and except for his head and pubes, totally hairless.

Normally I like fur on a man, but this seemed to work.  The chest and abs were as nice in person as on his A4A profile.  His ass was totally smooth as well, save for a little hair deep in his crack. 

He got more hair there when I buried my beard in it and licked his sweet boy hole, but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

The kid was nervous and needed a glass of water as soon as he showed up.  I was nervous too, as I've never slept with someone this young before.  And he just didn't look young, but acted it too.  Just a certain way he carried himself screamed "I'm young!". 

Actually, if he told me he was actually 18 and not 22, I wouldn't have been surprised. 

One of my earliest thoughts is - why is he attracted to me, but then there is that thing of how I was at that age and maybe he has 'daddy' issues. 

His first question to me:  "can I feel your beard?"   His hand really ran all over it, in it, around it.  I'm thinking 20:1 his father has a beard. 

But he did feel that beard at his hole and he fucking loved it.  He liked his ass being played with and I was thinking of a few guys I know who would have loved to take a turn on fucking him - as the kid was clearly open to the idea.  He just got the wrong guy with me. Had I arose to the occasion I would have gladly taken that hole. 

The plan was for me to blow him.  I was happy to do that to his dick.  Fully hard, he's about 7". 

It responded to my mouth well, but he wanted to just rub it on my ass.   Who am I to say "no"?

Honestly, I wasn't planning on getting fucked, since we really only talked blowjob and since had not discussed, I didn't "prep" for it.  Also he was hesitant about fucking since he was always "super safe".  

So rub on my ass he does, from behind, me on all fours.  Sooner than later, with out my permission (!!!)   and without protection, he pushes it right into me.  I don't stop him.  So much for "super safe". 

I figured being 22 he might be quick on the trigger.  It wasn't a long fuck, but longer than I anticipated. He seemed to know what he was doing.  Clearly he was learning something in college. 

I could tell he was close and and I told him to just unleash his load.  He hesitated and said, "I usually don't cum inside a guy".  I responded, "that ship sailed the second you went in raw". 

That seemed to be the only encouragement he needed.  Advice from an older man.  He shot. I took. 

Like a 22 year old, he didn't know what to do next.  Should he stay?  Should he go?  Should he try to make conversation?

I had to get back to work and the skies just opened up, so I mentioned it was best to hit the road before the rain got worse. 

It was an interesting experience, but not one I'm willing to repeat anytime soon.  However, if his father wants to come over, I can show him what his son and I were up to.

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