Sunday, May 05, 2013


So, when I went to that leather event, where I had some dirty dirty sex, I also hit the vendor mart.

Leather is great, but pretty pricey, and how many times can I wear chaps and what would I really do with paddle and whips?  I mean - really?  You add up all the time you use it over the years and wood / leather to skin, you're still looking at 60 minutes (not counting the in between swats) of use.  That's a lot per hit.

Whether they're all good or not, I already have a harness, vest, pants and gloves.  I might be able to use a good pair of boots or something, but I wasn't looking to spend a few hundred dollars while I was really there to get laid.

But I have seen things from Ft. Troff or Nasty Pig that I thought I wanted.  Briefs with something missing.  They are more substantial than jockstraps and well, I have a half a dozen of those anyways.

I did find what I was looking for, but I can't say they represented well in real life as they do on a website.  Hell -- what the fuck does?

However, next to those I found something similar but what I consider much better.  Longer type under the uniform football pants.....

....with something missing.....

Now, I did try them on at the vendor fair.  There are no true dressing rooms, only a screen one might buy at Pier 1 in a corner.  The Shop Keep took me there and did his business.  I slipped off my 501s and put on the undergarment.   I liked the fit and he said they looked good, but if I wanted a mirror, there was one on the other side of the room.

Modesty was out the door at this point, so I walked across the room and looked.  If anyone noticed, they said nothing - no hoots, no hollers, but no boos or retching either, so all seemed well.

I went to go change out of them and the shop keep was back near there.  I took off the pants and that is when he saw what I was packing up front.

I know I have big nuts, I've been told this repeatedly. The thick chrome cockring that went around that and my shaft accentuated that I already was sporting.  He took note.

The man was not my type.  More effeminate than I'd like, but not girly.  He asked if he could feel them.  I said nothing, but took a stance for him to get a feel.  He felt them.....for a bit.  I'd be lying if I said my cock didn't start to respond - but it was mostly due to the environment where it was happening than the man himself.

Then he felt the shaft for good measure.  I finished dressing.

When I checked out, he gave me 20% off on the item.  Hey, it was $8 !!!   Worth a feel.

Another guy checking out asked why I got 20% off.  I probably should have kept my mouth shut, but I said, "because I let him feel me up".

Worth it!

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BlkJack said...

Looking good & sexy!