Friday, May 03, 2013

Scruff Hook-Up: Time #1

He'd been around for years on all those pick-up apps - Scruff, Growlr, A4A or Grindr.  I know this, because I have too.  I've seen him, he's seen me - and thanks to those 'who's viewed me' we both know we've looked at each other.

But neither of us acted on it.   Until a few weeks ago.

I was on his side of town. He as less than a mile from me and I mentioned it to him.  I got the invite over, but I told him I hadn't "prepped" for much.

He was great about it. I'm not big on muddy fucks or anything, but realize that one can't always be squeaky clean.  He said that's what showers were for and to get my ass over.   I drove over as I thought he had a very realistic and animal sense about sex.

47, 5'9", 160, about 7" - not too thick, not too thin.  It was nice.

We had a good rapport and conversation, most of it sexual, was easy and in a way teasing.  He'd mention seeing me on-line and how he wanted to fuck me.  Even when I we were e-chatting and I said something about coming over to suck him, he said it was my ass that he wanted.

Who was I to deny?

Immediately we went back to a bedroom.  Soon I was on my knees, taking his 7" into my mouth.  He told me he knew I would be a cocksucker.   I am.  I'm not bragging, I just am.

He "made" me strip.  He was naked too and his body was nice. Nothing extra special, just well maintained.  He leaned back on the bed, me on the floor, on my knees.

Laying all the way back, I lightly ran my tongue up his naturally hairless balls. He shuddered. Any mere mortal would. Not because of my tongue, but because of the action; the sensitivity.

Yes, I went up and sucked his cock. That was my job.   And yes, I traveled south to lick his taint and to go ever further down - right to his hole.

The man loved to get his ass eaten and I fucking loved doing it. But you know I'm an ass-eater.  It is "work" I enjoy.   And I was there for quite a while.  I even told him, "you'll have to tell me when enough is enough, because I can do this forever".

He never did quite tell me to stop.  But to mix things up, I did ask him if he had an ice cube. He got one. He laid back.  Into my mouth the cube went to take off the rough edges - and then slowly and surely, with my mouth, I inserted that frozen water right up his shit hole.

While I tongued the hole after it was up there, I knew that cube would be disappearing.  You could hear his moaning.  If he'd had neighbors, they'd have heard it through the walls.  I love giving some guys their first experience at something.  This was all new to him.

As I continued to eat that hole, I also took back water.  That melted block had to go somewhere, no?

I've never been much of a feltcher, nor do I want anyone feltching a load out of my ass.  But this seemed right - and yeah, I knew that water also contained his ass least potentially.

After that - it was down to the main event.  The one he wanted me for:  fucking.

The man knew what he was doing. At least in terms of how to fuck.  He was adapt at using his hips, cock, mind and mouth - synchronizing them all for one dirty and fun experience.

He did, however, overdo it on the poppers.  Like with me, too many huffs of that can turn your penis too soft for finishing the job.  That was unfortunate.

I did, though, use my mouth to get him off.  Oh yes.  Yes, I did.

It was a nice and sizable four day load. I took it all.

He made me - yes made - me jack off for him.  You know I'd rather not cum, but he was the boss then and there, and his demand....well......

I don't think I had cum for two weeks at this point.  He wasn't expecting what was about to happen.

My belly, my pubes, my chest, my chin, next to my head and onto his sheet - I don't doubt some hit him as well.

It wasn't just the two weeks part, it was the experience part.  He knew what he was doing, he knew how to excite me and he did.

I was back the next day for round #2

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