Friday, May 24, 2013

Scruff Hook-Up: Time #2

I returned to the scene the following day - not without permission, as I'm not a stalker.

After the initial encounter, where were a few emails or texts, teasing me for another meet-up.  I happened to have some free time that day, and while he could make it a little later, he was to be on a 30 minute conference call at 1p.  I told him I'd blow him while he was on it.


"The door will be unlocked" was the eventual reply.

This guy is on the same playing field as I am.  What was not to like?

I tap once and try the knob, it's open.  I walk in and take off my shoes.  He's sitting at his table, laptop open, phone on the table with headphones plugged in  He is about to start his call, but I don't want my mouth (or anything else) on his cock until the call has started and that he is off mute.

Soon enough, he is talking and my mouth is over his shaft, or licking his head, or down to his balls.  He keeps it in check.  There are no inappropriate moans - he knows what he's doing, but so do I.  I go farther south and stick my tongue up his ass....he moved to the edge of the chair to comply.  Soon he's standing up and bending over the table, still on the call while I go deeper.

All too soon, the call is over.  Has it been 30 minutes of me sucking and munching already?  Apparently it has.

After he hangs, up he guides me to a side room.  There he has set-up a Rim Seat.

Truth be told, I've never used a Rim Seat - from above or below.  It certainly interested me, but it's nothing I'd go purchase.  But he had one and soon enough, I was on my back, under the seat eating his hole.

Now, I've eaten ass from plenty of angles, but I gotta tell ya, that seat opens a guy's hole like no other way I've tackled a butt before.  I could truly go deeper than I ever have before.  I was loving it, he was loving it.   "John" was happy to take my camera and start taking pictures and video.   I was a little trapped and a lot busy, so I couldn't do anything about it even if I wanted to.

After a good 20 minute tongue-in-hole session, we did move it back to the bedroom.  But not for ass eating. Now, this was the main event.

Ass Fucking.

It went on in multiple positions:  on my back, on my side, on my stomach.  The one thing we didn't do was have me ride him.  But John's dick feels great and he knows how to use it for sure.

He's clearly a dirty dirty man, but one with humor and reserved control.  Meaning, he's dirty but not overt about it. He'll talk filth while still sounding pleasant.  It's kind of perverse in a different way.  I like it.

And he can fuck like a machine. We went on for a good 40 minutes before he could not hold back any longer.  He dumped his nut into me and we laid back for a while.

He never went soft and we did go back to a second round, but a second ejaculation didn't seem like it was going to happen.  I had no problems with that.  It would have been nice, but I'm not that greedy - or am I?

John pulled out and presented me his dick.  I knew what to do.....and I did it.  He liked having it in my mouth and he wasn't shy about putting his tongue in my mouth afterwards.  My mouth, his dick, my ass, all in one.

I know I'll get an invite back.  He knows it too.  And I'll gladly accept.

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