Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In Bike Shorts

The agreement was to meet up on a bike path and go off into the woods.  I was actually going to ride the distance, but it was scorching hot and a 60 mile ride roundtrip. Instead I just got in my car, in my bike gear and headed his way.

Nick is considerably shorter than I am, but the plan was that I would be on my knees, so it wouldn't matter.  He also wore his bike shirt, shorts, gloves and helmet - just like I did. 

We met, walked down the bath and then found a spot off the beaten path where we were surrounded by trees. While we weren't into getting busted, I don't think either of us would have minded being watched.  Since it was mid-day in middle of the week, that probably wasn't going to happen - and it did not.  At least that we know of. 

He was near a tree pawing at the front of his padded shorts. But even padded wasn't going to hide his 9.5" that was incredibly thick.

I had sucked on it months before at a bookstore and we stayed in touch, though this was our first meet-up since.  Outdoors.  In nature. Doing unnatural things - at least according to some. 

"You wanna suck it?" he asked.  I was on my knees, in the leaves, the rocks, the dirt.  My face went to his crotch - I gnawed on that padding, that lycra, that covered cock. 

"You want me to pull it out?", he queried.  "Not yet" was my reply.  I liked watching and making it grow even more. 

I would have loved to have seen it snake down the leg and out the bottom, but those pants are pretty tight and he was pretty big.  It wasn't going to happen, so peeling them down so they escape was more the answer.

It sprung out and while not hitting my face, I got down there to do my job - tending to Nick's big dick.

Oh, I sucked on it, I licked it, I even deep throated every inch of it until my lips were pressed against his cockring and his pubes. I loved every fucking minute of it too.

While we couldn't stay there forever, I did get him close.  He liked the attention, the outdoors, the thrill of being seen.  So did I. 

We also liked the thrill of us taping it - him with his phone, mine with mine. At some point it might get edited together and put out there.....somewhere.  Time will tell. 

But Nick was close and he had a load - and I wanted it. . Like all porn films, the money shot must be shown. I like taking the load in my mouth, but people like seeing the cum shot - and I get that. 

The man had a big load - some going on my lips, on my tongue and into my beard and across my cheek. It all played out beautifully. 

Of course, he stuck his massively fat rod back in my mouth for me to clean everything up. That seemed fair. 

Oh hell, after seeing all this, do you really need a video?  :@)


BlkJack said...

Great pics! Video would be great too.

Upton King said...

How the f*ck did I miss this one! So glad I didn't. Those pics are the best. Thank you for being so generous. You lucky, lucky cocksucker! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque