Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gnarly Dicked Dad and a New Friend

You've read a few entries about Gnarly Dicked Dad (GDD) - here and here.

He still likes to bring over other men he's met to have me service them in front of him. He likes to be watched. He likes to be in charge.  He likes the others to know he's in charge.  I like that of him too.

I haven't written about all the times he's been over or all the guys. Most are average, but they always feed me. I like GDD's attitude and cock, but I hate that it is impossible for him to get off without using my hand or his.  I have said before, I like knowing my mouth is good enough to get the job done and that I feel a sense of failure when I have to resort to manual methods.

But the other day was nice. Not so much for GDD, but I liked the guy he invited over.

GDD arrived first saying his 'friend' (he has never met these guys, he picks them up via the internet and pimps out my services) will be arriving in a few minutes, via bicycle.  He mentions that he'll probably be sweaty.

I'm actually ok with that and GDD figured I would be.

As GDD begins to loosen his tie, a guy on a bike rides up. I go to open the door for him.  He's 40ish, attractive, athletic.  Not hard on the eyes.

He gets with all of us and he mentions he's just going to sit and watch.  I can't say I was a little bummed, but I like to put on a show and I figure, this is his first time at something like this and he has to be eased into the scenario a time or two before he participates.

I kneel down in front of GDD and take his big, fat cock into my mouth.  I make sure to make eye contact with "Steve" as I do it.  But after that, I focus on my job.

GDD puts on a show for Steve and probably himself. He teases me with his cock. He slowly feeds me. He tells me how to use my tongue on his head (as if I don't know all the trade secrets!). He grabs both sides of my heads with his hands and fucks my face.

I am into it all. I take him to the root and hold it there, so everyone knows I am deep-throating that big rod.

While Steve was wicked attractive, I was paying little attention to him, as he was just watching.

GDD says, "does your wife blow you?"  The answer was no, but with the addendum, "...but that's why I have so many girlfriends".   A straight man who cheats is hot.  One watching me blow another married father was hotter.

I went back to my blowjob.  Steve was quiet.  It was only through GDD's comments that I figured out that he got so excited watching that he unloaded into his hand an onto his own shaft.

No words were said. I came off GDD's shaft and crawled over to where Steve sat.  He never tried to stop me as I took his cock into my mouth and cleaned off all the sperm that lay on his shaft.  I saw some on his left thigh and took that too.  As I came back up - Steve had the right idea, and again with no words, just expectations. He held out his right hand for me, and I cleaned off all the spunk that was on and between his fingers.  Then he held out the other hand.

For whatever reason Steve only wanted to watch, he knew the score and was a willing participant. Judging by one of his comments to GDD, he clearly meant to just blow his load on my face, since I wasn't going to let me suck him this day.

I kind of figured that Steve would put his shorts on and leave after getting his nut, but he didn't. Well, he did put on his shorts, but he had every intention of staying until, as he put it, "took that load and swallowed every drop of it".   I kind of admired the guy for sticking with it.

But as I said, GDD has an impossibility of getting off with just a mouth. He needs a hand - sometimes mine, sometimes his.  So the process of getting him off was slow.  I went to lick his balls.  Steve pulled out his nuts from the top of his shorts.  I was told by GDD to go suck them.

I did.  Steve liked it.  I pulled the shorts a little to the side so I could lick his taint a bit. He moaned.  In a heartbeat, without me asking, his shorts were off all the way and I was lapping at that space.  But you know me - I went deeper and farther south.

This guy had no issues with me getting near his asshole.  My tongue hit it and he fucking loved it.  I stopped enough to ask, "do your girlfriends do that???"  He was panting, I didn't get an answer. I went back to the hole.

I lapped at it, kissed it and of course, snaked my tongue up there. I cleaned his funk - from his bike ride and the long day he had before that.  Then I lay myself back on the floor and told him to sit on my face.

He didn't sit so much as squat.  And for another five minutes I ate his ass out like a pro. The man didn't or couldn't form words.  Clearly, I was doing an ok job.

Steve did sit back down so he could watch me finish off GDD.  But GDD was in stroke mode and told me to stay where I was - on my back as he stood over me.  I told him in no uncertain terms I still wanted that load in my mouth.

With his dick three feet above me, I watched him fist that thick shaft. I winked at Steve knowingly.

GDD gave all the signs of his impending orgasm.  I got up on my elbows, arching my head his way to minimize the distance.  He squatted down a bit, so dick and mouth were about 4" apart.

As always, he had a HUGE load - part going in my mouth, on my tongue or on my beard.  Steve watched it all from the gallery.   GDD's load just kept shooting too - and of course, for good measure, he flicked the remaining drops onto my face and rubbed his dick around for a few seconds to clean it off.

With Steve watching, I started to lick any missed drops up - first just by extending my tongue, then by using my fingers to push the remaining semen into my mouth.

Steve apparently has my email - hopefully he will use it for a one-on-one session.  I think he knows what I can do now, and this time he can be the full recipient of my talent.

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