Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beat the C(l)ock

Sometimes timing is the worst enemy we have when it comes to having sex.  There is the guy, the place, the want, but not the time - either that he's free, you're free or things unexpectedly get in the way.

Most of the time when something "suddenly comes up", you figure the guy is flaking, because usually they are.  But I know this guy was not - if something came up, then it did indeed happen.

You've read about our exploits here, here and here.

Due to some scheduling and other unexpected delays (for both of us), we have not gotten together for a few months, but that was to change last week.  It happened and it didn't all at the same time.

As I was on my way to get fucked at his place, he sends me a message of delay and possibly cancellation.  FUCK!  I needed this and wanted this.  He did too.

Since I had driven that far, I hung out at a Starbucks for a bit, biding my time.  He eventually told me to stop over if I wanted, but didn't promise the chance of anything happening. Hell, I'd made it that far, why not at least stop in?

He got off one conference call but had maybe 15-30 minutes tops before the next one.

For anyone else, 30 minutes would be fine, but this is a man who fucked me for 60, 75 and 90 minutes respectively. I don't think he knows what a 30 minute fuck is. I'm not sure he knows that 30 minutes is 15-20 minutes longer than most guys go for.  He's a champ.  A fuck champ.

I was already for a quick fuck session, but he wanted my mouth - on his and on his cock. I did both for a while. Only then was it off his bed and into his sling.

I have only been in a sling once, it was years ago and I can't say I enjoyed it - not so much the apparatus as the guy standing between my spread legs.  And a sling in a basement on a January day, is a cold cold thing to lay back on when naked.

But here I was, laying back on his sling, my feel over to the side placed on a type of bar, letting him step between my legs at just the right height for him.  As it should be, it is his sling.

Where I guess one could feel vulnerable, I didn't.  I wasn't shackled anywhere, and even if I were, I know this guy enough to feel safe.  We joked about a safe word and if 'stop' counted.  It doesn't.

The man stepped up, lubed his 7" dick and pushed it through my opening.  It felt so fucking good.

It'd been so long for us, he hesitated for a few to see if I was alright - and trust me I was.  He proceeded to insert his cock inch by inch until he was fully in.  Then we started moving.

Actually, I was unaware of if the the sling provided anything other than a good height to penetrate me. I didn't feel myself move or sway that much with the fucking.  But fuck he did.

The man is good at what he does.  I'm guessing with others too, but I can only speak for me.  I felt his dick deep in me and the more we went at it the harder he fucked.  ...and nice and steady too.  There wasn't much let up.

Now and again, I know he glanced over my shoulder, and I'm guessing at a clock. I could hear IMs being sent to his work PC in the other room, and I know he was cognizant of it as well.  That said, he didn't break stride to worry about it too much, though we both know he had an end point to this fuck.

He did pull out and go down on his knees to eat my just fucked hole.  It felt fucking incredible - and I let him and possibly his upstairs neighbor know it.  He jacked while he was down there.

I figured he was trying to get close so he could finish the deal, but deep down I knew it wouldn't happen.  This is a man who fucks me for 60-90 minutes for a reason.  He likes the fuck, the build-up and the ejaculation it brings. 30 minutes of fucking is a quickie for this man - with no guarantee of shooting.

I hated that I felt I put him on the spot by stopping by when I knew we might not have a chance for any activity let alone 30 minutes of bumping uglies.

Still, he fed his cock back up my chute and started fucking me again - but not for his ejaculation, but for mine.

He wanted to see me cum and fuck it, even though I don't do it a lot with guys, I was going to show him how much he turned me on.

Yeah - I shot everywhere.  He even joked I hit his wall behind my head. I didn't, but I did see a shot go past my eyes and probably over the sling and onto the floor.  I'm sure he has seen bigger messes.

Just then he had to be back for a webex.

By the time I got my clothes on, he was already dressed and back at his home office desk.  I quietly let myself out..........until next time.

So yeah - he didn't beat the clock, but I did.

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Upton King said...

So hot. I remember having fuck buds like that... the long fucks. I miss them. Glad you got your nut. And thanks for sharing. Very hot. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque