Sunday, August 17, 2014


He was in town to compete. He was on Scruff. Many of the athletes were. That's ok - new town. New guys. One's they'd never see again, or want to, most likely.

He was attentive to me. Lots of messages. The pics looked nice. 5'8", 190. Seemed heavy for someone that short, and he was, to a degree. Not sure how he did his routines, but this wasn't professional sports. Nor did I really care all that much. 

Cropped hair, and what he had was turning grey, though not completely there. This is what he looked liked soft.

He asked me to stop by his hotel room and I knock at the appointed time. Several times. I finally gave up and want outside and texted him a few times to no avail. On a chance, I go up once more, knock a few times again - nothing. So I leave.

I should just leave in the first place, no only out of some sort of self-respect, but as soon as you make up your mind and leave, the flake or pseudo-flake will get back with you. It's like they know you're leaving and try to reel you back in.

I was about 7 blocks away when I turned around and went back because he messaged me saying he fell asleep.  Ugh!  I'm not sure if that excuse was lame, or me turning around and going back that was more pathetic. Yet, back I went.

It was clear, I liked his dick more than him. He clearly had time to get high after he "work up" but before I got back there. Because, pot-breath is SO attractive on a guy.  Not.

Since I wasn't really wanting time to know him, my hands went to his nylon shorts and felt his hardening dick through them. I wasted little time getting those down too, as I went to my knees for a little foreplay.

But sucking cock was not what this visit was about. It wasn't said in our text interactions, but the subtext was ass-fucking. Him to me.

We started with me on the edge of the bed, facing away from him, my head and shoulders to the mattress. He pushed that rod against me and my hole opened accordingly. Soon - very soon - he was balls deep. I could feel every inch of black dick inside of me.

He ended up having a good rhythm and eventually fucked me nice and hard - but in that good way. I'd say he went a good 20 minutes just pumping my hole before getting me on my back.

He told me how the people on his gymnastics / cheering team were hoping he'd get laid, as he was getting cranky and pressing them too hard on things and that he needed to relax. He said he really needed this fuck.

There was only about five minutes of time, on my back, when his respirations shallowed and his eyes glazed over and not just from the pot. With a groan, his eyes closed and he shot off deep into me.

This guy was not one for pulling out either. He liked to "dangle", as he called it. Leaving his cock in there. I was ok with that in theory.

While dangling, I could feel him soften, but remain in. He also was asking questions about what else sexually I liked or things that turned me on. While we just chatted about that, he no longer softened, but began to stiffen again.

Before I knew it, I was on my side with him behind me and he pummeled my ass. In another 10 minutes, I was getting an additional load shot into my gut.

I have not had a two-fer in a while and it felt good. He might have needed to unleash, but I needed what he gave just as much. He might not have been the ideal guy, but it was a necessary evil.

He was hoping to see me again during the week he was here, but many others were in town and I rather explore my options, unless nothing else panned out.

I slipped on my nylon shorts and t-shirt and was heading back down to the lobby in just a few minutes. Loads firmly intact. 

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thisgaymanslife said...

I think both of you enjoyed the necessary evil.

And I enjoyed reading about it. Thank you.