Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Knock at the Door

I had a repeat encounter, plus one.

The repeat guy was in town for the Gay Games. I knew he was coming, but I knew he'd be busy doing things associated with the Games (though he's not actually working for them).

The repeat guy is rough. If you read here, you'll see how he manhandled me last time. He tried pimping me out from afar, but it never worked. It almost never does. If ever.

But between both our work times, family conflicts, our separate times at the Games, and his limited time in town, the plan of getting together was narrowed down to a one hour timeframe. 60 minutes. That was it.

Honestly, that was enough for me. I knew what that hour would bring - spit on my face (check), punches to the chest and abs (check and check), pulling my balls hard (check), slapping my ass (check), force feeding me his cock until I choked and gagged (check!).  I don't mind any of that at all, but prolonged exposure can make a man sore.

I knocked on room 1202 and was let in quickly. Him in a wife-beater and black briefs, he immediately pulled to me to my knees and told me to strip. Off came my clothing.

I was smacked across the face promptly. He was re-establishing his dominance and it was the right thing to do. While we had not had an encounter in 10 months he asserted his alpha-behavior. He followed that with a number of chest and gut punches and yes, even some rough nipple play.

While you know I like my nips played with, doing anything severe to them doesn't excite me - it just make my nipples bigger, which honestly, I don't care for. I don't like the look or feel, but it's kind of the price one gets for having your tits manipulated.

During this, he mentioned something about not playing at all since he was in town because he doesn't like to mix work-life with sex-life but since I was a known entity and not really part of the Games, he felt it was ok.

Stripping off his briefs, he shoved me down on his cock. It wasn't hard when we started, but it didn't take much to get him fully erect. And soon, I was gasping for air as he repeatedly rammed it down my throat, making my eyes water a bit, and spit come out the sides of my mouth.

I am a skilled oralist, but his style made me feel not just out of control, but lesser of a talent than I am with my mouth. He wasn't looking for skill. He wanted me to gag. He wanted me to cough up spit - he got his wish.

He turned around and presented me his ass. It was an ass as smooth as a child....I'm assuming. The hole was clean. Almost too clean. This guy presents as a nice, clean individual, but it's always the affable looking guys who are the nastiest, aren't they? I was skilled here, not that he'd ever tell me. During - he never makes a peep...or barely. Why won't guys be vocal?

I ate for a good 10 minutes and he turned around. I didn't mean harm in starting to protest 'no', as I wanted to continue. That almost protest cost me.

I got a slap upside the head and then a foot down on the face. He pinned my face under his foot and grabbed his camera. He claims to only have joked about taking a pic, but there is a good chance he has that image on his phone.

He picked me up and threw me against the wall. One hand at the back of my neck, his body pressing into me. I knew he wouldn't fuck me. I would have gladly taken it, but that is not his style. He really likes to "know" someone before he penetrates them. Two times in 10 months is not knowing me. But while there, he told me never to talk back to him.

And then he let me eat his hole again.  So, I kind of won.

He had me crawl on all fours over to a chair. While there and sucking his cock, he assembled his electronics on my back and got them ready for packing, as he was to check out as soon as we were done.

....and then there was a knock at the door.

He got up to check the door.  I kind of hid next to the bed, assuming since he had not hooked up on this trip that it was a work colleague. And no, I wasn't really thinking, as he went and opened the door with no pants on and a 7" erection leading the way.

He led guy #2 into the room. Handsome, hairy as fuck, he quickly shed his clothes and I went back to sucking the first guy's cock. Soon I was pushed on to the new guy's dick.

Another 7", but fat. Beautifully straight shaft, I went down on him and this guy did let me use my skill. And he was fucking vocal about it too. I may have fell in love a little bit right there. I worked on him for 2-3 minutes when he pushed me off. I think I got him too close.

I was taken back to #1, who was slapping me in the face as I sucked. I don't know if this turned on or weirded-out guy #2, but I had to figure they had a conversation about me and the new guy knew I was going to be there and for what.

As it turns out, he was a player for a water polo team that was playing in the games.

When I went back to him, sucking expertly, my original guy went behind me and started smacking my ass hard. I can't say for sure what got guy #2 off, but he held my head and pumped a load into my mouth. Thick, but not a lot of cum. I didn't care that much.  I showed him the load, then took his hand to my throat and made him grip it. I swallowed...he felt me swallow. Then I showed him my empty mouth.

I was told to nurse it and I did for almost as long as the blowjob itself, as I got smacked around. Finally the water polo guy pulled back and dressed thanking guy #1, but not me.

Guy 1 said, "he's here to welcome all athletes this week. contact him and he'll do anything you want - won't you fag?". I looked at the new guy and said 'anything you want'.

He nodded and left.

My original visitor pulled me back to the bed. My ass was still on the floor and my head tilted back onto the bed. He straddled my torso and held my throat tight.

I know he could have really choked me like that with little recourse from me, but I trusted him enough.

Instead he let go and went through my pockets and took my phone. Came back...and inserted his cock into my throat.

It only took a few more minutes, but then he finally made a little noise as his cock erupted into my mouth. This sperm was thick and plentiful. At the angle he had me, the spooge hit the roof of my mouth and congregated right behind the head of his dick....trapped almost.

No worries, I swallowed all of it. I tried to milk more out, but unlike most guys who has a drop or two left when you squeeze the shaft, this man was dry. I had gotten it all on the first take.

I dressed, he packed. He showed me to the door. One good palm across the cheek for good measure and I was out the door.

....but here is hoping that water polo guy (and his whole team) contact me.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Just as a good cock sucking faggot should do, exactly as he is told!

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! Wife-beater. Of course!

BlkJack said...

What would you do if the whole team did show up? Ha!

CoolTop said...

You look fantastic with a dick in your mouth, man!

Upton King said...

My, you got a work out. I like it rough and have had rougher than you described, but these days? It needs to be playful and very verbal. Glad you enjoyed your bad ass self. Good luck with that polo team! Fingers crossed. - uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Anonymous said...

unfortunately we all left this morning, but rest assured i just got off reading your tale. - gay games polo player