Monday, August 25, 2014

Tennis 1

He was in town for a tennis tournament. But he was also on Manhunt.

I think all those rules about not having sex before a big game / tournament are a load of crap, but I'm not a seasoned athlete, so what do I know.

I do know that men have needs, and he was clearly in need, as he was actively on Manhunt looking at my profile. And then contacting me.

52, 6'3", maybe 7", athletic build, but not as much as you'd think for a tennis guy entering national and international tourneys. And "safer only" was also in his profile.

Clearly, his intentions were to breed me. He made that clear. So I'm never sure if the 'safer only' is just to lure more guys in or expand possibilities. It's not like he asked me if I would take it bare. He assumed, he planned, he expected.

The guy was decent. He immediately stripped down to bright orange Under Armor compression shorts. Somehow, they worked for him. I wanted to gnaw on them, making them wet. Hell, I wanted to gnaw THROUGH them, as he was sporting full wood. But I also knew he was leaving when we were done to play a match and I know how much Under Armor costs. So I was nice.

He was 7", like I said, so taking him down to his short hairs was no real problem. He seemed to like my mouth. He made the appropriate noises and said the correct dirty words, muttering them just over his breath instead out loud.

But we weren't there for my mouth.

Soon, I had lubed up his cock, stroking him nice and sensually. It made him even more rigid.

I bent over and he slid it in - all the way home. But he wasn't comfortable with that position for long. Soon I was on my back, holding my own legs while he found the target.

And find it he did. No easing in, he just went balls-deep. He fucked ok, but nothing spectacular. His dirty mouth talked a good game, before and even during. Without that constant pseudo-filth, I'm not sure it would have been hot at all, but he made it work.

You could see him starting to tense up, knowing he was getting close. And then he was there.

There was nothing earth-shattering about his style or cock. He was just a man from out of town, and in need.  I was there to help.

He talked about returning the next day before his doubles match, but I never heard back from him.

That wasn't a problem. Turns out there were other tennis guys who needed assistance too.


CoolTop said...

You really look awesome with a dick on your face. Really.

Bruce Chang said...

Oh yeah... And they generally don't play with other players, so lots of guys away from home looking for locals... :-)

BlkJack said...

Probably better with that dick in his mouth.