Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We're pushing 600 blog posts here and sad (?) to say, this isn't even scratching the surface of the amount of guys I've been with, let alone the number of loads.

But for all those guys, even if we stayed in that 600 number, very few, if any, have been red-haired.

Yes, I know they are of a more rare breed in general, but when you narrow it to gay tops or feeders, the subset is quite quite small.

You'd think I'd remember if I ever have had the pleasure of a ginger, but I honestly do not remember. And there is always a chance that some guy on the other side of a gloryhole had hair like Bozo the Clown, but that is the beauty and curse of truly anonymous sex.

But I have definitely bagged one.  Just the other day, in fact.

35. 6 foot. Maybe 210. Hairy. Full red beard. From his Scruff pic, I knew he had a green start inked on the side of his neck. As it would turn out, he had a lot more ink as well.

Generally, I assume ginger's to have less body hair. This guy had a shaved head, but a fairly hairy chest and shoulders. The rest of him had hair too, but not as much.

It was to be a blow n go. It was his day off and he had things to do. So did I.

I arrived at his suburban house. He took me into a basement bedroom, which made me wondering if he still lived with his parents and they were out.

He was shirtless but had on casual cotton.....not pajama bottoms, but you know what I mean. Nothing on under those, as he untied them and let them drop to the floor. His 6.5" cock, thick was hard. Standing straight out. He was as ready to receive this blowjob as I was ready to give it.

While I was going to my knees anyways, he placed his hands on my shoulders ensuring I'd make the journey safely. In seconds, I was on his basement bedroom floor, my mouth an inch from his cock.

Being the tease I can be - or the tantalizing cocksucker, depending on how you view it - I didn't go right to enveloping the shaft. No. I took my tongue and lightly traced alone the underside of his rod, making it quiver and pulse.

Only upon going back up to the head did I part my lips to take in the head....and then below.....and then below.....until I hit his thick red bush.

He took one hand and placed it on the back of my head. He wasn't quite guiding me nor restraining me. It was there to do either of those two things should he think I wasn't doing my job correctly or if he didn't want me to stop doing what I was doing.

Fair enough. He didn't know me from Adam. I could easily be one of those guys who pulls back at the last minute. Or I could be a newbie cocksucker who didn't figure out what he liked or what he didn't, and needed some kind of oral education.

He cooed his praise, or something similar. He didn't say I was doing a great job, but talked dirty to me. Talked down to me.

With both hands on my shoulders, he told me there were some men who were born to be on their knees, and some who were born to stand in front of them. I'm not too proud to admit, that I unbuttoned my jeans to feel my now rock hard cock at that statement.

Now and then, the hand on the head would tighten. I would notice the slow acceleration of his hips as he eased me into what would become a full-on face fucking.

"You like to be face fucked".   It wasn't a question.

It would have been rhetorical anyways. I didn't respond anyways. I kept doing my job.

Once or twice he pushed me back to lick his nuts. Not because he wanted his nuts lapped at (though he didn't mind it) as he was getting closer than he wanted to. He was getting closer than I wanted him too. Anticipation of a guy getting his nut is just as important as actually getting it.  At least from where I kneel.

But I knew this was a blow and go, though I had temporarily forgotten about that. So did he, it seemed. We were both drawing out the inevitable.

I went back to being face fucked....or alternately doing my lip and tongue dance on his cock while he lorded above me.

But he went back to taking over and my beard was being pummeled by his short hairs.

"You're gonna take it".

I love he didn't ask me if I wanted to.

I don't know how long it had been since he came, but it was a lot of fucking cum. Not that I missed a drop, mind you.  There was minimal taste, but it was the capturing of the load, his load, that was important - to him and to me.

I licked my lips. I licked him clean. I stood, buttoned myself up and found my way to the door....after thanking him, of course.

I'm nothing if not a gracious cocksucker.

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Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Another fine example of a talented born cock sucker doing what he does best! Would welcome your hot mouth any day, any where! Great release!