Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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I had been with him before. Just once. And it was good then.

Now here it was, a Saturday night in a hotel. He was not far from where I was staying, so it was an easy trip for him. I'd been drinking, though not drunk. I was relaxed.

Relaxed is fine, since the man sports a FAT 8.5" cock.  ...and I had no poppers. Truth be told, I'm rarely using poppers now. Regular breathing relaxes me and I don't get limp dick or a headache.

He was right on time. On one level, I felt the need to kiss him, but it didn't quite work. Kissing is more intimate than fucking and let's face it: this was a fuck.

I was already stripped when he arrived. He quickly did the same. With my jar of Albolene near the bedside, I rubbed some generously on his cock.

It's a little bit of a blur now, but I think we started with me on my back. To be fair, we ended up in most positions, other than me riding his cock.

Ok, I know I've been "active" lately, but I was pretty surprised how well I dilated that hole and how he sunk that big, fat cock into me with greater ease than I imagined. The beer probably did not hurt matters.

The hotel room had two beds. Sometimes I have sex in one and sleep in the other when I get a set-up like that. I was on my back when the squeaking started. That sound you hear in hotel rooms where, even if there is no verbal sound, you know someone is doing the nasty.

There was no headboard banging, just the mattress on a make-shift platform squeaking to the movement of the guy plowing my hole. All for anyone in room 148 to hear....or 246 or 250. Assuming people occupied those rooms.

I'm not a shy person, but I felt a little self conscious about the noise. I tried kneeling on the bed and the same thing happened. We went to the chair, where I knelt in it, with him tapping my ass from behind. That was ok, but still the chair moved with each thrust.

We even tried the floor, but the room was limited and the carpet was not comfortable. We opted to go back to the bed, the squeaking be damned.

At this point, we just went for it. Or he did. I was the recipient - as I should be - and just took the drilling like a good boy. I did my job by using my ass muscle to grip this thick shaft - and it seemed to resonate with him.

Before I knew it, he was flooding my hole with hot cum. And I took it like a champ.

And even though we were familiar with each other, it was just a different kind of parting of the ways. It was sex and nothing else and we both knew it. Still.....while not bad, it just seemed odd.

So be it. It was now past midnight and he had to get going.

And I was finding out I was still not sated. I went online to look for another opportunity.

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Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Fuck yeah, you took it like a champ because you are one! Champ cock sucker, champ bottom and champ all around good guy!

I love reading your blog posts and can't wait for the next editions to make 5.

I love the whole bed squeaking thing and as you said the symbolism of doing the "nasty" OINK!