Friday, September 19, 2014


He was tall by anyone's standards:  6'11"

Yes - let that sink in for a moment.

He towered over me by 9". That's a lot. But in reality, he towered over me by like 5 feet. As soon as he arrived, he pointed to the ground. I knew that was where he wanted me anyways. On my fucking knees.

Yes, 6'11". 300 lbs.

The weight seems outrageous, but he potentially had the frame to carry it off. I think at one point, he probably did. No doubt a football star in high school....maybe college. He had let some of that 300 pounds go. It was probably never super tight, but it was less so at this point.

And yes, he was black. Black as the dead of night.  And claims of a thick 8.5" cock.

As the post title says: Imposing.

Let's get this right off the table. He was maybe 7". Not 8.5". He was thick, so I'll give him that. He started off small so as he started to grow, I was hopeful. Alas, 7. Not 8.5.

He leaned right up against the wall and tilted his head back. While now and again he looked down to see his solid black rod passing my pink lips and and white mouth, much of the time his head was back and eyes were closed.

I don't know if this was a DL kind of guy, but I assumed he was. He like the oral stimulation, but perhaps not as much the visual one. It's one thing to feel the warm, wet mouth clamping around your cock - it's another knowing a dude is the one providing that service.

Of course, this is my own interpretation.

However, just as easily, the work 'cocksucker' would roll off his tongue. He was clearly ok to do that, thus acknowledging some guy was on his knees in front of him.

But making a guy feel dirty for sucking your own dick probably makes some feel better. I hope it does. It totally makes me hard to hear it.

I didn't do anything special. Tongue. Lips. Mouth. Throat. The usual, though I know I have experience to work a rod.

He blew in my mouth - and just like his cock size, the load was not nearly as big as he thought. It was ok. It tasted ok.

I was just hoping for more of....well.....everything.....from a guy that size.


S Ranger said...

LoL! That's what I like about you tell it like it is ... and a greedy who're like muauh ... It's never enough!

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Sounds like he was a big boy for sure but totally understand when you come across someone with that size you expect more. Nonetheless, the cocksucker that you are was satisfied in the end with the prize!