Friday, September 26, 2014

I've Got a Great Tongue

I'm not bragging about my tongue. The short trick told me so.

I had, in fact, placed a CL ad that basically stated: "anyone can suck a cock.....but don't YOU deserve better??"

And honestly, it's the truth.

At least where I am, it's a fight to get to your knees or to the bottom. And it's all the same fucking ad(s) that are just 'renewed' daily. No imagination. No marketing. I thought I'd change that.

I've mentioned here before that I've written clever ads....and got almost zero response. People on CL M4M ads are not looking for clever. Or don't understand it. Or both. I was just trying to set myself apart from the hundreds of ads that are asking for cock.

So somewhere in the title, the word "WORSHIP" came into play.

That word actually weeded out a few of the wackos. And while it only got a two true people responding, they were indeed real contenders. I ended up meeting both of them. This is one of their tales.

"Tony" was about 5'6", slim build, married, Italian man, but not very hairy. 7", nice sized thickness. Honestly, it wasn't bad that he had to schedule out days in advance. "Worship" was not necessarily about immediacy, or shouldn't be. It showed we were both serious about the meet-up.

He arrived right on time and ready.

He dropped his pants and took his shirt back over his head, though it remained on hanging on his shoulder blades. I went to my knees and lightly rubbed my face against his still-briefed crotch. Immediately, he started to stiffen and grow within that cotton prison. He started to pull them down and I pushed his hands away. That was for me to take care of.

I gnawed a little on the pouch, but didn't soak it, as I knew someone at home might see it. I'm a thoughtful cocksucker. Soon enough, my thumbs were in there, pull them down.

I purposefully made eye contact as I did this, as part of the worship. The cock would be serviced either way - small or large. It was about making the connection that I was on my knees looking up at him and more importantly, he was looking down at me: literally and figuratively.

Nor was I going right to sucking his cock. Anyone can do that. Most everyone does do that.

No, I took the tip of my tongue and gingerly made it dance along the underside of his shaft - gong from base to tip. It made his rod twitch and jump.

I slowly licked the sides of his cock too and even the top before lightly touching the head with my tongue. He was moaning in pleasure and possibly a little frustration. But he wanted worship. He had had blowjobs. Still, the mindset, of most guys (I think), is that a cocksucker is to get right to the job.

Of course, I eventually enveloped the head of his cock. But just the head. I let both of us savor the feeling from two very different perspectives.  Slowly, but surely, I sank my lips down to his crotch - skin touching skin.......and pubes.

I let that sit back at the edge of my throat for at least a minute.....letting him know I had him all in me. Letting me adjust to the cock, as it did get thicker as you headed toward the base. But I liked to feel the weight of the shaft, the feel of the cock, filling up my mouth. I wanted him to know realize where it was and what was truly going on.  ....and yes, of course, I looked up at him, while he looked down.

All the while I'm using the tips of my fingers to barely touch his legs.....all the way up and down. It's a very sensual move that most guys do not experience and it heightens the blowjob experience. Try it. Trust me.

As I moved slowly and deliberately up and down his cock, I made my tongue move on the underside of his shaft. You could feel his appreciation in the throb of his dick. You could hear it in his moans as well.

Since he was sitting in a chair at this point, I went lower. To his balls. Licking them, not sucking. He loved that too. But not as much as when I went to flick my tongue on his 'taint.  It is a highly sensitive area on most guys - and underutilized by eaters.

I'm not sure if he expected me to go further south, but I did. I tongue worshipped his hole too. Licking. Eating. Flicking. Tickling. You name it. He was in fucking heaven.

Somewhere during all this is when he told me I had a great tongue.

At this point, he stood up, placed me between his thighs and the wall and fucked my face. I'd been working on him for almost 50 minutes. He liked the worship, but now he wanted his reward.

Trust me, I wanted it too. I'm not exactly doing this for charity. I wanted the white gold. He was all too happy to give it to me.

I don't know when he came last, but it was a fucking huge load. Thankfully, he wasn't sensitive after he came and let me nurse that dick for a while. I made sure to milk out every drop, squeezing it gently with my mouth and jaw.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

GREAT read! I was right there with you enjoying the tongue and wishing it was me getting the worship! You were born to be a cock sucker and it shows!

CoolTop said...

I need a fucking cigarette after reading that. Please open a school and give cocksucker lessons. I'd be happy to be the class model.

BlkJack said...

As a dedicated cocksucker I greatly appreciated this post. I am a firm believer that life is a continual lesson and this post will help me to hone my craft! I will definitely try this at my next opportunity. Thanks, Cocksucker!

Explorer Jack said...

I'm with CoolTop. The world needs more cocksuckers like you. 50 minutes? Wow. Most dick suckers I encounter are tired after a couple minutes, then it's just awkward agony as they try and work my load out by hand. Boo.

Mark Greene said...

Sounds like a very intimate and hot time. There are very few guys that can make a guy feel that good. Most just try to milk a guy like he's a fucking cow. Its nice to see the connection being made between the two.
I love the eye contact of the sucker. seeing the crown of one's head is hot but you got to have that eye contact. There are so many points you've made but taking your time and doing it right is the hottest I've heard or experienced in a long time. Great job.

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