Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Of the many, many, many (and I do mean, 'many') encounters I've had this year, a potential ex-military guy ranks up in the top 10......maybe top 5.

Responding, via phone, to a craigslist ad I placed, his stats were most impressive - 6'1", 190, short silver hair, 8.5" cock, ex-military - ,but it really was the tone and confidence in his voice that left me asking how soon can he be over. He said 20 minutes.  That was about 19 minutes too long.

Yes, I said he said he was ex-military and earlier I said he was potential ex-military, because you can only believe so much. He had a decent body. But really, it was his attitude that drew me in. I love a strong, aggressive, dirty-minded guy. That is probably all news to you.

If there was on issue - it's that I'm guessing in that 20 minutes to get to me, he smoked a half a pack of cigarettes. Clothes, skin, breath, hair.......everything reeked.

Me - I just sunk to my knees and opened his jeans. While he wasn't hard, he was already large. It didn't take much to get him to full mast.

It was a beautiful cock with a beautiful head. I loved being on my knees in front of him, servicing him.

I looked up and said, "can I be your cocksucker?" and his response was, without missing a beat, "you already are".  Hard to argue with, since I pretty much had his dick in my mouth.

I was hoping he'd think of it as more of an 'in the future' scenario, but that was over thinking it. I should have been happy with the here and now - and I was. But it was the kind of dick : attitude thing you'd want to continue on down the line. We hadn't even really gotten into it and this was something I knew.

His dick felt great in my mouth. I loved having it there, he loved having it there. I wish I had prepped - even a little bit, because he made me want to have it somewhere else. And going by his talk, he will want the same thing. While my mouth was full, I heard a monologue of him wanting to breed my ass; to leave his seed deep up my hole. Who wouldn't be down with that?

He lifted his legs a bit to let me lick his balls. But when I went further back, he pulled his legs further back. Without hesitation, he let me lick his ass. And I went to it. It was one of those sessions that you'd really have to tell me to stop, because I would not. Not just because it felt and tasted great, but I loved the reaction it was getting. He was euphoric.  Kissing. Licking. Tongue fucking. Jabbing. Rimming. Chewing. Sucking. All to his hole.

Then I lay back and told him - I didn't even ask - to sit on my face. It was just fucking perfect. All-in-all I probably spent another 20 minutes with my lips planted to his butt.

He had a deadline, and he took matters into his own hand - and not his cock, but my head, so he could fuck it. It was fast. It was furious. And as I feared, with all that tobacco, the cum was bitter.

Not that I really minded. You tend to over look certain things for a man who is a man.

I'd over look that again, any time he fucking wanted.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I think you've outdone yourself with this post. Hot, hot, hot. I can't wait to read about his next visit when you've "prepared."

Paul, NYC

LP - Hired Stud said...

DAMN that was hot, love Studs like him!

cyberi4a said...

Can tell by the photo, how excited you were he was there.