Saturday, September 01, 2007

Equally Piggy

I was back in DC for most of last week - again. Centrally located and I didn't have AS much luck as I normally do on these business trips. Maybe it was timing, or that we were going into a holiday weekend and congress isn't in session (unless they get together to expel Larry Craig!).

DC is very much a two horse town. Politics and service industry. They need someone to feed, clothe and house the business of politics. So maybe when congress is gone, things slow down in general.

As for the timing - I notice that people will respond to ads or post in the morning (before work) or right before the end of the work day. The ones who post later, well, many are up front about working their 420 buzz. That's fine for them - but not my scene. My drug years are behind me.

Unfortunately, my schedule had me doing work on-site(s) earlier than normal and staying later than normal. I missed some of the peak times. I did score here and there, but nothing like my former trips.

The first night I ran across a fellow Buckeye. Turns out he actually wasn't, but just a fan. I just found it a tad odd he'd use 'buckeye' in his screen name when he never actually went to Ohio State. Whatever.

What we did have in common however was our attitudes on sex. The word 'oink' comes to mind. And it just happened that he was 100% top. Works for me.

At first, I wasn't taken by him physically....except for his cock. It was nice. And thick. What he lacked in looks, he made up in verbal skills...and action. I've said it before, attitude is better than looks, dick size or ability. "Brian" was no exception.

He fed me his dick and then made me gag on it. I will say, that is no easy task. I've been sucking cock for a long time. But his thrusts while vice gripping my head was an impressive combo. He was pretty fuckin proud of himself as well. He should have been.

We eventually hit the bed. He wanted to kiss - which isn't unheard of, but I wasn't expecting it. It wasn't passion - it was sex. The kisses that is. He made them intense and almost one sided. Still it worked for me.

I ate his ass. He had me get on top of him to kiss him some more. I took over. I slathered his shaft with my spit and sat on him. He fuckin loved it. So did I.

I rode him. He pumped into me from below. We worked as a fucking team. Then I was on my back....and then my stomach. Then on all fours.

At different points, he drooled into my open mouth (as he ordered me to open), then there was full-on spit. Some hit my awaiting mouth. Some into my goatee, which he just smeared in me. There was talk (on his side) of piss, but we never got to that. Now and again, I'll drink from the tap, but not often. I'd be more inclined to take piss up the ass....but before the fuck to help clean out. It's a great alternative. Pissing ON just to be pissed on doesn't really grab me either - but for the right guy (or the wrong one, I guess) I've done it.

He was taking a fucking break and telling me how he wanted to bring guys by to fuck me while he watched. This is a huge turn on for me - to be watched....even if the other guy never participates. He was telling me about the kind of guys he'd want to watch and he was jacking the entire time. Brian wasn't pacing himself - I could tell. He was getting too excited.

Anticipating what might happen, I opened my legs and spread my cheeks for him, but it was almost too late. He ended up pumping a load into my asshole. He pumped off what felt like a big load, just hitting my pucker. Without a word, he just took his hard dick and pushed all the cum at the hole and then into it. He made sure withdraw a few times and make sure he got the rest of what was external into the hole he wanted/needed to mark. Then he fucked me for another 5-10 minutes with his still erect cock.

It worked for me. It worked for him. I let him leave his number, which I kept. Next trip, if he has those other guys lined-up...I think I can make the time for him an the anonymous buds.


Joshua said...

Awesome, man. I agree that technique and cock work for me over looks any day.

The Average Joe said...

i fucking love it when a guy pushes his cum in me with his cock. dont waste a drop.

fuckability trumps looks any day of the week