Saturday, August 02, 2008

19,000 +

You guys made July 2008 the best month ever - in terms of visits. We bested visits by over 3,000 from the 2nd best month. Thanks.

Now I need to keep my end of the deal: new postings for you.

Honest, I am working on it. I have a good six or seven encounters I haven't even started on formulating - well, outside of my head. Inside - they're all golden. Hopefully, some I will have images to post with as well. I know you all like that - and the hits seem to go up a bit when there are those involved.

I get it: sex sells.

That being said - I also need to drastically update my BlogRoll. There were some good sites on there, but they haven't been posting. And I don't mean BikeGuy lazy, I mean months and months and months of inactivity.

This can't happen. I found a few other sites that do list me in their BlogRoll (honest guys, i had no idea!), so I need to look around and see what is what and get more good links back. It's only fair.

If there are those of you out there who do link to me, let me know. I'll see what is what and go from there.

Look in the next two days or so for my next post. Promise!

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