Monday, June 30, 2008

Big & Thick

Last time I was traveling I got hit up by a guy who wanted to swing by my hotel and have some fun.

It was just an email with no photo, but he clearly knew or remembered me. He shot me back a quick description of what he looked like and I took it from there. I’ve been blessed with a pretty good memory and figured out who it was.

I had played with him a few months back. My best guess without asking him, was that he was a mixed race guy – great face with incredible eyes. I know – it sounds like I’m swooning about him and it would be easy to do. This is a sex addict blog, not a love addict one. But IF I were to find someone I’d want to “date”, he might be it.

I guess it doesn’t hurt that he has an incredible body – part of which is a 8.5” THICK prick – that curves slightly to the right. What he wants being with me is anyone’s guess. But he did – and I wanted him to come over.

More surprisingly, he was impressed that I remembered him. How could I not. BTW, I wrote about him here.

The man was smart enough to get into the elevator with another ground of guests, bypassing me having to go down and get him. There was a knock on my door and poof – there he was.

He wasn’t shy and jumped right in on touching and rubbing my body. Naturally, I was doing the same for/to him. Soon, shirts were off, pants were dropped, and briefs practically torn away.

Everything about this guy, visually, says aggressive. But in reality, that is not the case. Passive-aggressive is closer. I think he is willing to do just about anything, but it has to come out of your mouth – not his. Maybe it is being turned down as too non-vanilla (I won’t say kinky exactly) – and I have played that game, making the other guy think it was their idea.

But since I did recognize this ploy (if you will), I played along. We did a great job of me sucking his cock – in a number of positions. Both of us laying on the bed, me on my knees in front of him, me with my head on the headboard, him standing on the bed pumping my face (which really WAS the hottest).

Because of his mixed race, he is brown, but with a much lighter color. But for whatever reason, his dick is as dark as anyone’s I’ve ever seen. It’s also thick – especially at the base. …and the top ain’t too thin to begin with.

When I was doing the sucking while we were both on the bed, I went down to his balls, which were full and felt great in my mouth. They tasted great too. ….and then I went lower. I got a more than positive response with this, so I went even further south. He didn’t open his legs, but he didn’t stop me. That response when my tongue his hole was overwhelmingly good. He had a great tasting ass.

We went back to him feeding me his dick from above and I asked if he liked my tongue in his ass. He emphatically said ‘yes’. And I told him he could sit on my face any time. He immediately took me up on that offer. I was glad he did. He was glad he did – I made sure of it.

He lowered his ass right to my face and I went to town. He was clean, but musky and I went in as deep as Mr. Tongue would go. But he was ‘ooohing and aaahhhing’ enough for anyone in the hallway to hear. And I’m good with that – as you know.

And he wanted more than my tongue – but not up his ass. More like he wanted mine. I hesitated due to his thickness, but I wanted to try – for him and for me. It was tough – very much so, but with enough Boy Butter and poppers, much is possible. This was one of those things he wanted but didn’t want to ask for. Maybe he feels most guys shy away from his size and it is a rejection kind of thing – which is a shame, but understandable for a dick his size.

He lay back and I eased myself on to him. It was going to be the only way with this – and we both knew it, though no one ever said it. And it wasn’t easy getting down on it. I’m not convinced it was every ALL in, but most of it was. I enjoyed it because he enjoyed it, but I’d be lying if I said it felt great. Given time and acclimation – over a period of a week – I’m sure it would have. But at this point, I felt over stretched and in a bit of pain.

We did change position, with me in a downward facing dog position on the bed and him standing behind me. It probably helped that I had sat on it for a bit and rode him. Between me being so tight (or really, isn’t everyone tight to a guy like this?) or the build-up of the 45 minute foreplay, he didn’t last that long….which was just fine with me.

He yelped out as he came – another thing the neighbors could hear, if I had any. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t care. There was no way not to feel him throbbing in me. I could have taken his pulse he was so thick. But I could feel every throb of his shaft as he unloaded into me.

As you know I love getting guys off more than me ever getting my nut, so I was thrilled I got him to go over the edge. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’m hoping he’ll want to do it again also.

Normally, I do not hang on to the email addresses of my tricks, because, I’m always looking for that someone new – but as you’ve read here, I have a few semi/pseudo-regulars. I’d gladly add him to that list.

After he was all cleaned up, he came over and kissed me (!!) and said he hoped he would have enough energy to make it through this work-out at the gym.

Personally, I hope I drained him.

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