Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

First off - sorry delays in getting you tales. It's been a tough few weeks, and as I've said before, writing this stuff is harder than it looks. I like to have some perspective on it, but if too much time gets away the facts blur. I will try to be better.

It was after the holidays, but not a lot of folks around the office. Sneaking out here and there wouldn't be too much of an issue had I chose to get a nut, or give one. As it turns out, CL chose for me. There were no viable candidates to give a load and I had not shot one in almost 10 days.

As you guys know, I don't jack off unless I'm getting fucked - and only then would that be sometimes. So it had been a bit of time since I had gotten a load, obviously, as I hadn't jacked - for any reason.

31, 5'9", 180, muscular, wrestler type, 6"

The plan was for him to suck me off, but as we chatted via email, it was clear he'd rather get fucked. It intrigued me. So did the pic of his headless body in a singlet. I can't say I'm into that per se, but it still piqued my interested. If you're doing "drag", I'm more interested in leather, uniforms or suit/tie apparel.

As luck would have it, the hotel he was staying at was about a 5 minute walk from me. I wasn't too nervous about going, since I could walk right back, but his lack of face pic and his weight compared to height had me questioning his body. You know me - I take chances that way.

When he answered the door, all I could think is Turtle from Entourage. But he wasn't bad. We weren't too far into the room before I pushed him down on his knees. Mind you, I did it right in front of the full length mirror for my purposes, which now will benefit you.

Here you can see him licking near my full nut sack. If you click on the pic, you might see my big (usually) bottom boy dick.

Here you can see him taking me to the root. Good boy!

And he was good at it. I had to push him away several time in order to hold on to my load. I could have easily given it up several times. See - this is why I am not a good top ever. Sometimes I just have a hair-trigger that does not suit me well for putting a fag through their paces.

Now if I were the bottom, I don't really care how fast or slow a guy cums as long as I get it. Maybe I should think of it that way, but I don't. With me, the faster I get a guy off, the faster I can move on to the next guy. But as a top, I think guys like to show their prowess in the longevity department. Maybe not - I can't consider myself a top.

Anyway, I suggested me move it over to the bed if he wanted fucked. At the time, I was wondering how I'd take pics so he wouldn't realize it - just like I took the ones above. Little did I know I'd have bigger covert issues to pull off.

The guy had a huge bottle of lube on his bedside table. He didn't pack light. He also had about eight condoms next to that lube. He was either just putting it all out there, or planning on being a huge slut that day. Been there! Minus the rubbers, of course.

There laid my dilemma. I hate bags - on the giving side or receiving side. Clearly this guy didn't or he would nto be buying them in bulk. Then he picked on up and handed it to me....and watched me put it on. Hmmm......what to do.

I do have to say, it looked hot, as it was solid black. You could not even see my fucking real cock through the coloring. It was almost like wearing latex, which I guess I was, but I meant more in the bigger picture of the fetish.

My immediate thought process was, how can I get this off? I know it was like 20 seconds, but it seemed like 20 minutes as I schemed on how to lose the baggie. I lubed myself up and bent him over the bed. He went all too willingly.

It took a few tries to get into him. I assume part is to my size and to that I find it always harder with rubbers - taking or giving. But I got in and he loved it.

I went right into action on what I had to do. With each withdraw of my cock, I used my hand to somewhat slide the rubber forward. It was amazingly easy to do, at least I think. It about 7-8 ins and outs, I had the rubber off. Without missing a beat I was back in.

My hand had been so lubed, as had his ass, that my now bare cock was greasy enough to slide into him with no issues. Once he wanted to reach back and grab my nuts, but I pushed his hand away.

Maybe it was my lack of topping experience, or maybe my going so long without shooting my nut (hell, I've gone way longer!), but more than likely, I think it was my deceptive nature that pushed me to the edge too soon.

It kind of helped that he couldn't hold off either and started shooting into the sheets he was going to have to sleep on later. That gave me a good time to dump my load. And it was a HUGE one, if I say so myself.

Now, don't let all these porn stories fool you about always being able to feel the load shoot into you from the bottom's perspective. 7 times out of 10 I never can....and I'm a bit experienced. So I don't know if this guy could feel my load or not, though I thought I'd never stop shooting.

Since he finished shooting before I did, he tried to pull off, but I wasn't having any of that. I wanted and needed to finish. And I did. Kind of.

Even as I thought I was done and pulling out, I still have some residual semen coming out of my dick and his ass to hit his sheets, comforter and rug.

By the time he started turning around I made sure that he saw I had the rubber in hand, though near my dick, where he might assume I was pulling it off. I moved right to the bathroom and flushed the rubber and washed my dick and hands. Since my pants were never down further than you see in the above pics, getting dressed and out of there was a breeze. It took seconds.

I kind of wondered how he didn't know I was riding him bare - I always know and can feel it. Could he? I mean, there is no way he wasn't figuring it out shortly - like I said, it was a massive load I shot and clearly there was some near the entrance to his ass. .....and on his sheets which no way came from him.

If he was upset, I never got an email about it. Not only that, he was on-line the next two days with a similar ad looking for more.

Guys are pigs.


Bill said...

Welcome back! We've missed you a lot! Yes, I know...blogging takes tons of time, & some folks unfortunately need to be trying to make a living!

Your pic is hotness itself! Obviously a Leo! One would never suspect a Forty Something Sex Addict!

I wish you'd taken your shirt off! Beautiful cock! Do I read it right as uncut?

I want to post you on my blog! BikeGuy13

Anonymous said...

Nothing's hotter than stealth loading a pig with my cum ;)

Bill said...

Please post soon a front-&-center pic of your hairy meaning unshaved cock in all the fulness of its sublime glory. We, your loyal fans, are waiting patiently.

rawTOP - Bareback Top in NYC said...

So what was the bad thing you did? Sounds like a good thing to me!

Anonymous said...

I think we've all done something like that. I used to fuck a guy starting off w a rubbered up cock and eventually slide it off planting a load in and all over his ass. Then he'd ask to see the used rubber which I presented to him. Then he would check it for leaks... Really this went on for weeks...Cant believe he didnt notice the cum leaking out of hos ass not once but several times

Anonymous said...

I don't get the title - what was the bad bad thing? ;) One of your hottest posts.

Anonymous said...

agreed that was hot to read, but illegal as well

Duo said...

Totally fucking hot!!! p.s. I'm jealous -- when I write about a hot stealth fuck, I get flamed. What's up with that?! -Dan

Duo said...

Had to read this post again -- still gets me so fucking hard! Love it! -Dan

Anonymous said...

I hope you're clean and get tested. Hot for a story, horrible for the guy.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Well done. Ignore the condom Nazis this is real life folks. Keep it to yourselves if you disaprove. We've heard it before.