Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GloryHole Duo

Yesterday I visited a guy who has a personal gloryhole installed in his house. I've been there a few times before. I've even written about it here and there. One of the differences this time is that I didn't tell him I was coming over.

This guy used to put a notice up on craigslist with the location, and times he was open along with varied instructions on how to get in, and what to do upon arrival.

Now the same notice goes out to what I am guessing is a fairly extensive list of potential users, but it no longer goes up on the web – just through blind copied emails.

Normally, I would shoot back an email saying I might be over between x and y time, but yesterday was a change. I realized a gloryhole shouldn't have appointed times this way. I get it from his end that at some point he can't always leave his door open and has to secure his house, but there is no reason I need to announce myself. It cuts down on the anonymity of the situation.

I had been out with friends for drinks and was sufficiently buzzed. Even though I lived five minutes away from where I was drinking, I drove right past my house and continued on another 20-25 minutes to get to my destination.

I parked and walked to the back entrance (yes, you can insert your dirty joke here!). Getting up the drive was not easy, as there was ice all over – and I was a little drunk. I also had dress shoes on, not the best for navigating such terrain.

But I've done worse for cock, or to get off.

I rang the bell to notify him he had a 'customer', but I was at the hole before he arrived. This time the hole was different too. Normally he has board that goes three-quarters of the was in the door from his parlor to dining area. Above that, he has a sheet, so no contact can be made physically (thought the fucker always tries to take peeks through the hole to see who I am).

This time, it was just a sheet with the hole. Kind of boring and uninspired. Mind you, I'm from the day where men would take drills and chisels to carve out holes through ¾" marble. Those were dedicated eaters and/or feeders.

Anyway, I was drunk and horny and had not gotten a nut for a week, so why waste it in the trash, I thought. I'll give this guy something to feed on.

As I approached the hole, I had unzipped my suit pants and hauled out my more than semi-hard dick out before he arrived and got on his knees. It didn't take much to get me all the way up.

Like always, the guy was ok, but not outstanding. I know I'm a bit bigger and thicker than your average guy, but I am not huge. But this guy's teeth keep getting in the way. It is one of those things I tolerate, but not happy with..

When he took a break to take a hit of poppers, he started asking who I was, 'are you X, are you Y, is this BikeGuy'? He doesn't get the anonymous part of the GH. I told him to shut the fuck up and get back to sucking my dick. He did. Averagely.

Even breaking my own rule about him talking, I did mutter, 'how many is this today?'. I never got an answer, because as if on queue, the door opened and another guy walked in.

First off, I'm not a shy guy (duh!) and I don't mind being watched. Secondly, no one was trotting through that back door without knowing why guys come over there. Yeah, they might not expect to run into someone else, but they shouldn't be shocked at the activity that takes place there. He wasn't.

The guy kept his distance, wandering around that parlor not really looking over into the alcove I was standing in, feeding this cocksucker my dick. He pretended to look at the straight magazines that were out there. Finally, I caught his eye and motioned with my head to come closer. I wanted to double feed this guy. It only took a minute of silence for Feeder #2 to figure this out.

The guy was ok looking. Bald, medium height and weight. Decent dick, maybe 7", medium thickness. He looked like a thinner version of Evan Handler. Getting us both near the hole was a little tight, but we managed. He watched as my dick was through the hole feeding this guy. The cocksucker tried to stick part of his head through to see us and I deftly pushed him right back, saying, 'no one wants to see you the fuck you are'.

Guy #2 took over and fed him his dick. This is where I realized I shouldn't have to put up with a sub-par blowjob from this GH guy. #2 with a smaller dick cautioned him time and again on his teeth. GH guy adjusted for him where #2 was ooh'ing and ahh'ing over the newer technique. When I mentioned it to GH guy when I got teeth, he might have tried to adjust, but I never got that good feeling moment.

Guy #2 and I would whisper between ourselves about any number of things: how it felt, who should cum first, if we should dual feed him.

We tried the latter, and I liked the feel of his cock next to mine, but if GH guy couldn't do me alone without teeth, both of us was impossible.

It was decided that I would dump my load first, as this guy wanted to see it. I wanted to be seen too, but I would have been just as happy to be the second cummer. I did whisper to the guy of how I wanted to choke GH guy on my load and dick. He told me to 'do it'.

You guys know I normally tell guys when I cum, so they can start swallowing, but I've stopped with this guy. That being said, he had to know it was coming (literally, figuratively), as I put my hand inside that cut hole and held his head on my cock – tight. Just as so many thousands of guys (not an exaggeration) have done to me. I was no longer coming for myself, let alone the guy behind the hole. I was putting on a performance for Guy #2.

I had a huge load too. The fact that I wouldn't let this guy move didn't help matters – for him. It worked for me and Guy #2. There was gagging and coughing around the base of my dick, but I kept holding on and I kept spraying my load. I have to say, I was worried he coughed some back onto my nice suit pants, but I was still horny enough and drunk enough that I simultaneously didn't care.

As soon as I pulled away, Guy #2 was ready. He must have shown great restraint holding back until I was done, because he was READY. But unlike me, he didn't bury his dick. He held it just out of lip-reach of the cocksucker. With the mouth and tongue exposed, he let loose a nice load.

Having not seen mine, I couldn't really compare, and it was dim in there, so I couldn't make out everything he pumped off. I was also in the process of pulling up my pants too. I looked back once and nodded to the guy and headed out.

As I walked down the driveway, I almost got taken out by someone arriving. I assumed it was another feeder, but it turned out to be a pizza delivery guy.

….if he'd only known the tip he could have gotten if he delivered it to the back door.

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RG said...

Back in the day, when I was in college, I was a regular at the GH in the library in the third floor restroom. Aaah - good times.