Monday, January 05, 2009

My First Load of 2009

I was barely into the 2nd day of the year when I gave up my first load. Yes, my posts are still out of sequence. I gave a load before the end of the year and still have to report on two I've taken.

But no, I did not take, I'm still waiting on that. I mean given. I fed it to some cocksucker who was on craigslist.

36, 6', 170 or so. Very full and sexy goatee.

I was very specific about my needs, my concerns, mostly regarding the guys who cannot take my dick, but the ones really who claim to be able to swallow my load, when they clearly cannot. By the time I figure out, it's too late.

He understood my issues and tried to relieve my fears that those guys were not him. He said he was an expert cocksucker and could take every drop I had to give him. At the time of our original conversation, I had a 10 day load. By the time of our actual encounter, I was back down to three. Still, even at two days, most guys still gag on it. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying.

We agreed to convene early in the morning - between 6:45a - 7:00a. I could get serviced and still be at work roughly around the time I normally do. It's a win-win.

I arrived exactly at 7a. He took his time buzzing me in, and then there was the ride up to his floor. I'm not big on smokers, and it was unfortunate that I could smell smoke standing outside his apartment door. He wasn't just a smoker, but a heavy one.

Fuck, I was there - may as well go through with it, right?

Shortly after I entered, he got to his knees and took out my dick. I stayed mostly dressed - my jeans just below my balls, so my dick could hang out. Out enough for him to get at it. All of it. ...and I let him go at it.

True to his word, he was a great cocksucker. He had the right friction and wetness combined. I felt I could start talking at him too. I'm good at the dirty talk, regardless of which end of the dick I'm on. I've been on the receiving end so often, I've just learned by association.

It's funny (to me), as I stood there listening to myself, I couldn't help but flash on a line in A Christmas Story about bad talk and Ralphie's father: He worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium; a master.

Yes, at that moment, that was me.

The guy was doing a really good job and I was taking it in. Naturally, I pulled out my camera to snap some pics. Yeah, the lighting isn't great, but the sun had yet to rise and barely a bulb on in his apartment.

Naturally, I don't think he knew I was snapping away. It's not like the camera makes noise...and I wasn't trying to expose him to the world. Unless you really really knew this guy, I don't think the pics give away much.

I do like how the top one makes my dick look nice and thick.

Since it's a camera phone, action shots are hard - as you can see.

But sooner than later (I'm really good at controlling when or if I cum), I opted to shoot. I had a morning meeting and had to get going.

I told him I was going to shoot too. I gripped his head tight - he was going nowhere. I started to shoot and I new it was going to be a big one - and it was.

He struggled a little against my grip and the volume, but - other than that, he did what he claimed and what I wanted, and we all expect out of a cocksucker. He took every drop of my load.

I even let him milk it a bit afterward, which I never do since I'm so sensitive usually. But then I had to get going.

I put my pants back on, thanked the man and headed to the door.

First load of the year - gone!


adam said...

nice! you have a great cock; good to see it getting the attention it deserves.

cb said...

Hot! And he looks handsome!!