Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Wrap-Up

I should add 2 more loads taken to what I had told you yesterday - as after work, I ended up hooking up with two more guys.

Yeah, I'm a slut. And I'll get to those stories in the coming days. I have a few to write for you guys, so I appreciate you all being patient.

All you readers have made December 2008 the best month for traffic, so we all must be doing something right. Hopefully some of my links have benefited from this traffic as well - as there are a few really good blogs and sites there.

Here's to a good 2009.

To set expectations though, my travel in 2009 will be much much much more limited than 2007-2008, which may slow down my "adventures". Clearly, I'll see what else I can do rectify any lack of activity, but I thought you should all know what may (or may not) be coming up.

Thanks all.

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