Sunday, January 25, 2009

It was the last load I took in 2008.

I had just driven from the guy's house whom I got on my knees for, but this one I knew was going to be different. This guy had a full play room.

You might all be surprised to know that I've never been in a full equipped play room. And I've never been fucked in one of these. I know. I know. For as much as I have gotten around, this was one of the things I've always wanted to do, but never really had the opportunity.

I should start off by saying, when I got to his place, I realized I had been to the house before, but not with him. I should also mention, I was with the current guy before, but not at this house. Oh the tangled webs we weave.

For the current guy, he sold me a harness a few years back. I wrote about it here. The encounter at the house, I thought I wrote about, but I cannot find the posting anywhere. The guy was a complete bottom who just wanted to suck my dick - and he did.

Anyway, I drove over and knocked on this cold and snowy day. The guys in the house were smokers. Not casual ones. Not by a long shot. This is not my ideal. These guys had a minimum of 6 ashtrays per room (3 in the master bathroom alone), I could count dozens of stray lighters no matter where I walked. While I was there, the guy lit up and would leave the cigarette burning in the tray, move to another room and light up another one.

He left him in his master bath to clean out. The shower was well equipped. Three dildos adhered to the seat or wall of the shower stall so they could fuck themselves on. They also had an installed powershot attached to their shower.

Can I tell you how much I love that? I should have one, but I don't. Not permanently attached. I was in there for longer than I care to admit, just inserting, flushing and repeating. Whether I was getting fucked or not, I could clean out daily.

The guy was waiting for me in the playroom in the basement. I the mostly unheated playroom. On this, the 31st of December, in the barely double digit temps outside those cinder block walls.

The guy was well prepared. 'Sailors in the Wild' was playing on his video. He had put down chucks under the sling for any potential accidents (there were none). He had poppers, multiple kinds of lube and grease. He was sitting there waiting for me, but when he got up, he was sitting on a dildo as big as my arm.

He told me to hop up in the sling. I did. But it was like diving into a cold pool. A cold leather sling against exposed skin is a bit startling. But I did it. He placed my ankles into straps to hold my legs there. I could hold onto the chains if needed - and now and again I did.

There was also a cheap full length mirror hung above the sling. Bonus - I get to really watch everything.

The guy (clearly I don't have a name, or made up one), has a beautiful cock. At least 9" - but I would probably add another half inch to that. The girth was huge too. I wasn't too scared. I've been around.

He put some kind of lube on my ass, and even more on his huge cock. Then he lined himself up.

To say he filled me up would be an understatement. You can see in the above pic, he made even my bid dick go a little limp. I'm not sure it ever truly recovered during the rest of the session.

While he wasn't a brutal fuck, it probably wouldn't have taken much to get him there. His size alone dictated it would be challenging at best, and it was. For him - I was tight. I'm guessing for anyone but his partner, they are tight.

Near what was to be the end, he did pull out and stroke himself. I felt extremely empty and yet a little relieved at the break I was getting.

While stroking, he tried to talk me into fisting him. He billed himself as a total top, so I wasn't expecting this. I've never fisted - and not to say I couldn't do it, but it was never my thing, physically or mentally. At first I think he was ok with me not putting my hand in him, but he was clearly worked up sexually after fucking me and talking about getting fisted.

Without notice to me, he JAMMED his cock into me. This was a brutal entry. Granted I took it, but I was taken off-guard. As soon as he was half-way in, he just unleashed his load.

If he was throbbing, I couldn't feel it - each nerve around my entry was throbbing, so that was taking precedent over any pulsing he was doing in my ass.

I swung back and forth in that sling continuing to sink a bit further onto that huge rod while he spurted into me. With each rock he invariably pushed his load in deeper.

Eventually he slipped out - because these things happen. It took me a second to regain my composure and slip my ankles out of the straps and haul my sore ass off the sling.

I had left all my clothes outside the master bath on the 2nd floor, so I had to traipse up there to retrieve. No whore's bath for me - I put my shirt and pants on and headed back downstairs.

As I was pulling on my coat, the front door opened and there was the boyfriend. I nodded and stepped through the already open door.

I drove home and I'll assume they talked about what just happened.


cum.lover said...

Thanks for sharing! He didn't object to your taking the pic?!

J said...

sounds like you had a good time

cb said...

Fucking hot!! Sounds like you got the perfect sling breakin!