Sunday, March 01, 2009

Shift Change

I don't mean to keep beating a dead horse with these group blowjob stories, but with my schedule it is harder to arrange stuff than I would like.

I do have stories to entertain you with other than me just feeding some cocksucker named Glenn, but I haven't finished writing them. As I've said before, getting them to screen is more work than you would think.

But a few days ago, I called Glenn to see what group activities he had planned for that evening. It was Friday and though it has gone unsaid, at least on those days he has something set up. Since I have yet to provide him with my email or phone number (or name), he can't just contact me to let me know what is what. He has to wait for me.

I will give him this - when I call, he knows who I am without any identifiers. No name. Blocked phone call. I just jump into the conversation. But a good bottom knows these things. Lord knows I do.

If you recall, the last two weeks I had been the first to arrive. I still planned on being there around 5:30p, but I had a meeting run late and didn't even leave the office until then. Glenn had told me there would be anywhere from 3-6 guys this session, depending on timing. Since everyone else the other times ran late, I wasn't too too worried. And fuck if I didn't hit every single red light from here to there.

I arrived a bit before 6p, but I thought that was cool. Cars were parked near the house and the door was unlocked, so far so good. But when I went in, I heard regular conversation. Not moans and groans and talk of men in the moment.

I heard someone say, "Shift Change!" ...and then a laugh.

Walking to the darkened family like room, there is Glenn and two guys who are putting on their pants, clearly getting ready to leave. They had gotten their nut, and were done. I was introduced to Rob and Jeff.

Glenn said, "I'll be back in a second", leaving me alone with the two completed feeders. Jeff was very attractive - in his mid-40s. Rob was ok too and probably the same age. If there had been others there, I didn't know about it - or ask.

I keep coming back to Glenn, not due to his average cocksucking skills, but to watch others and to be watched. I don't think it is any surprise I'm a voyeur and exhibitionist. So, while Glenn was out of the room, I de-pantsed myself and let my cock start hardening in front of these two.

My thought was two-fold: either get them to stay and watch or at least give them something to see (my cock) before they took off. I figured, either way it was kind of a win-win.

They both took notice as I started to grow and no one made a move to leave just yet. Glenn returned and pulled out a chair for me to sit in and then started playing with my junk. "Isn't this a great dick?" he asked them. They both said yes while nodding their heads. Glenn lowered his head onto my cock.

I put my head back in appreciation, but to be honest, it was more for show for these guys than it was for his ability. I lifted my head after a few and looked across the seating area to see Jeff staring right at me - and me back at him.

"Yeah, he likes to be watched, just like I do", Jeff said to no one in particular. He was right. And he knew it.

I kept waiting for the guys to have gotten their fill of at least seeing and then head out to where they needed to go, but no one was really going anywhere. Glenn asked for poppers and Jeff got them for him - and even held them for him. He did the same for me. I could tell in another time/setting, Jeff and I would get along just fine. Better than fine.

Without a word and almost acting in unison, Rob and Jeff stood on either side of me. They watched Glenn suck my dick. Soon their hands were all over me. On my legs. Pushing up my shirt. Feeling and pinching my nipples. Jeff would reach down and feel my nuts and even pull on them slightly. Rob would push Glenn's head down on my dick. It was a great effort on all their parts.

Normally, I can hold off forever, if I chose. I can also cum easily by my own choice. As they made pseudo attempts to leave, without any real commitment to that effort, I decided they should be seeing the end show.

Jeff held poppers again for Glenn and myself and then I grabbed the back of Glenn's head and forced him on me and then started using my hand on the back of his head for my pleasure only. He might have gotten something out of it too, but it really wasn't about him. I had an audience to perform for.

"Make it loud", Jeff said to me. I did.

It had been since Monday since I came last and knew I would shoot big - but I normally do not matter the time frame.

I held Glenn's head steady and started pumping my load in his mouth and down his throat. I roared, much to the silent delight of the two observers. I saw all-knowing grins and a nod from Jeff.

And though I was not completely done cumming, I made a point to say it to Glenn (and the others), so they knew how much there actually was.

Since the spell had been broken by my orgasm, the two previous feeders did finally take their leave with thanks to me and Glenn. The cocksucker himself, knelt there with my cock still in his mouth, making sure to get any remaining drips and drops.

I will give Glenn this - he somehow can keep milking me without giving me that highly sensitive feeling where I usually have to extract my dick from a guy's mouth. However, at some point, I did pull it out and stand up.

Glenn said, "your load was HUGE. But it always is." I as riding high from the show I/we just put on, I stood there wishing Jeff and Rob had heard him say that.

But I grabbed my pants and put them on and headed to the door. I'm sure I'll be back. As much as I'd rather be the cocksucker, it s still fun to be watched.

Maybe I can somehow get with Jeff to do our own group, with me as the eater.

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