Saturday, July 02, 2011

New Arrival

After I kicked the asshole from the last post out, I did go back on-line and troll for what I really wanted. Dick. I mean, the guy was a dick, but I wanted the penis.....not the behavior.

I was back on ManHunt when I got a guy who sent no actual message but unlocked his pictures. I am ok with that - as long it is something I like what I see.

The rest of him was 42 and 5'9" - and the hang between his legs was 6.5".

He showed up as and when expected and we got right down to it. His face pic was a little outdated. Handsome there, he had put on a few pounds in the cheeks - the upper ones - and didn't quite look like he advertised.

This isn't really a problem, since I had a live dick in front of me and I don't really have to look up if I don't want to. I wasn't there to draw a portrait.

The guy was in town visiting his elderly parents and needed a break. He said he hadn't gotten off at all since being home - the last five days. I was happy to assist. I consider it my community service.

"Dan" was vocal, but nice about it. Even his slight name-calling seemed to be nice. I'm ok with that, but I'd rather hear filth from a guy when I'm down on my knees. I guess I'm just an old-fashioned cocksucker.

He did do great things with his hips, when it came to feeding me. Slow. Fast. Deep. It was all good. I preferred him to stand. He preferred to lay on the ground and have me get down on his level to service him.

It's not the most comfortable but of course, I complied. It's what I do.

Even on the ground, he'd roll slightly to his side so he could fuck my face.

I'd get right down to his push and he'd pull back before plunging back in.

You know I like a guy's hand behind my head and luckily I never had to ask him or prompt him to do it. He took matters, and my head, into his hands and held them there when he felt necessary.

Through his clenched teeth, I did hear him ask me if I was ready for the load. Man, I'm always ready for the load. I could have taken it in seconds or worked on him another 30 minutes - either way was good for me.

It wasn't a hard shoot of cum, but a flooding of my mouth of his jism. There was a lot of it and what little taste it actually had, tasted good. But as I promised him earlier, I would be taking every drop - and I did.

He was relieved of his load and his stress. He dressed and left with no fuss. I went back to work. We were both satisfied.

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