Sunday, July 03, 2011

Show Boy

...I'm guessing he was.

It was Vegas. He had jet black hair, too tan for his own good and the look of having had plastic surgery.

Everything about him read as being in, or wanting to be in, some show on or off the Strip. A Danny Gans would-be clone, but of course, this guy was still alive. Danny? Not so much.

On my way to the airport, I stopped by an adult bookstore and paid my $6 to get into the back video area. Only a thick back curtain separated the store from the would be adventure.

Sparse and not well laid out, this place had odd booths. Not bad, just never seen by me before....and that is saying something. Most booths had an L of seats and a door......with a window so people could look in.

I suppose it is for a deterrent, but this is a bookstore, there are little of those normally.

There were two guys in the place besides me. Two guys and one fuckin' ugly drag queen, transvestite or transsexual. He/She was so heinous I couldn't tell and didn't want to look for fear of burning my retinas.

I was there for 30 minutes and just about to basically throw away my $6 when the show boy walked in. He looked at the other two guys, but not the "girl". I knew, in theory, I had it all over the two others, but that is not taking into his account for his preferences. I get that I'm not all that.

But I was. To him. At that moment.

He was in the booth waiting for me. I came in and he pulled out. It turned out to be almost 8.5", very solid, pretty thick with a nice head. I went to my knees.

It was a fucking treat to blow the guy. Responsive, non-verbally. He liked that I could take him to the root. I liked that I could take him to the root.

He loved that I have such huge nuts. I'm not sure why he cared. He made no attempt to get them in his mouth or anything, he just liked the fact that I have big balls.

Normally, he let me go at my own back, transitioning back and forth from lightly dancing my tongue and lips over his shaft, to deep-throating him with a decent mouth grip on him and then using the mouth of velvet to do somewhere in between.

All of the sudden he stopped moving and I sensed us being watched. Normally I do not care, but it was that fucking drag queen thing. Standing on her bench looking over the top and down into us.

She began offering us candy from her bag and I told her to 'fuck off and go away'. She wasn't swayed. But the Vegas guy threw her a look, which I could not see, where she slinked back to her hole. He was my new temporary hero.

I went back to work. I told him I had a flight to catch, so he doubled his face fucking method and in another 6-7 minutes I was rewarded with his decent cream. Not tons of it, but it was thick and had good taste.

I was ready to go, of course. When I'm done, I'm done. But he wanted to exchange number. I told him I wasn't from town, but he was hoping next time I came I'd call him.

I took his number. I put it in my phone, but I think there are too many others out there in Sin City to need to resort to a regular. I suppose on the off-chance I can't find anything else, he'd be a port in a storm.

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