Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sex with a Blog Reader

As I gave the waitress my credit card, I told him, "since I'm buying lunch, you have to put out - you know that, right?". He knew it.

I was only half-joking. He more than half was expecting it anyways.

This was no ordinary hook-up. This was a guy who has read my blog and knew what he was getting into. Well kind of. It's all different when you kind of know the guy - even if it is virtual. And that's not just me to him, but him to me.

There are no way expectations can be met. There are no ways that concerns aren't out there if I choose to blog about it, knowing he reads it.

This is only the second time I've knowingly had sex with someone who has read this blog. A few guys have found it after the fact and asked me to take down the posts and/or pictures. I've only complied with that once - and because he was a great guy that I hooked-up with more than once and wanted that to continue. It didn't happen though.

We walked back from lunch and truly there was no expectations from or for either of us.

He was prepared, I was not.

By prepared, he reached out to me - physically. Grabbing me. Kissing me. He had a nice thick cockring on too. I had one with me, just not on me.

I'd be lying if to say nerves didn't get the better of both of us, but let me tell ya, it didn't stop us.

I did go down on my knees. His (see, no towns mentioned.....not gonna feed that fire), dick took a bit to get hard. It's not for his lack of ability to perform. Again, nerves...I'm guessing.

I have always had a harder time having sex with someone I know than a stranger. Sex is sex. Anything past that, like names, becomes, more. I'm not good with 'more'.

That being said, we fell into a rhythm. Me sucking. Me eating his ass.

Since I know he's reading (or I think), this is all good about what I'm about to say - so he should take it as such. The guy has a great beefier ass. Not fat or anything, just manly. The look. The feel. The smell. The taste.

Oh, the taste.

It was musky. It was manly. I cleaned it all up with my tongue and really dug in there to do it. I know some guys look for a squeaky clean, perfectly tasteless butt, however that is not me. I want it to taste like man. That doesn't mean it has to taste dirty, just well....manly. If you've ever eaten ass before, truly eaten it, you know what I mean.

Here's what I found so great - and how masculine this guy was: I took about a 2o minute break between eating his hole, but when I went back to it, honestly, it was right back to his manly funk, like I had never been there. That was a bonus for me! I got to clean it up again.

He also at my ass. I liked it. I hope he did. I think he did. But I always like having my ass eaten.

But we went back to natural order. Me laying on the bed and him taking different positions to feed me. Above. Over. Kneeling by my head.

The guy had a nice sized load and a really good tasting one at that.

I know it could have gone any amount of different ways, but over all, I think we did ok. Could it have been better? Maybe. Could we have been dirtier? Absolutely. But you know me, I could always be dirtier.

After our little session, what I absolutely loved, is that he wasn't shy about kissing me, even with his load on my breath and lips. So many guys are done when they're done.....myself included. But there are times when I want the moment to last a little longer - this was one of them.

As a man, I liked this guy. To be honest, after lunch, a beer and some conversation, I don't really care if we did have sex. It was just great to get to know him. was even better that we did "it".

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the hottest descriptions of a rimjob I have ever read!

-Queer Trey