Monday, July 25, 2011

Service (redux)

Well, I did it.

If you remember back in April, I posted about participating in an interview on guys who like to Service.

This last week, I did it.

It was combined into a work trip I had out west and I met the film maker. He came to my hotel room with all his equipment and we spent about 3.5 hours together.

The process is a lot of sitting around and waiting. Cameras have to be adjusted, so does sound. And he was only a crew of one - not that I cared if he had brought his team.

The entire experience was professional. I was clothed and sitting back on the hotel bed answering questions - some that were pre-set up; some off the cuff that he asked while the camera was rolling.

There was not much direction, as he did not try to craft my responses or anything, just tips on pausing from question to answer. Most of the things we talked about, you've read here in some form or another.

What he'll do with it all is unknown.

It is possible, if I heard him correctly, many were audio taped but refused to do video. I did video. So I might be the stand-out, for better or worse.

There is potential for follow-up sessions, depending on what he actually got on tape and how much is usable.

Time will tell, but I liked the experience.

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