Thursday, July 07, 2011

On the Bed; In the Shower

I always thought Vegas would be an easier town in which to get laid.

Maybe it is in the timing or location. In theory the Strip would be good, but you know, it's so crowded there, that getting from point A to B is sometimes more hassle than it's worth. This last time I opted not to stay on the Strip, as I was there for work and not normal Vegas fun.

Still, off-Strip was not easy. Not in the evening anyways.

Since my body was working on Eastern time, I was up well before dawn and lying in bed, I just started looking at Scruff and see what there was to see. I can't say there was much. Some pretty guys. Some muscle guys. Some ugly ass guys. More of the same.

But one guy messaged me. He seemed decent and sane. His pics were nice, his arms were in great shape. He got an invite over - he said it would be 20 minutes.

While he had the address, he said he was knocking on my door and no answer. I heard and saw nothing. The guy went to the wrong hotel. I was afraid he wouldn't show at all but a few minutes later, he was knocking on the right door.

His face was nice, but eerie. I mean that in a way, he looked like a friend of mine from 20 years ago. His arms were nice, but below that he became kind of pear-shaped. Not a great look, but I was in need.

We didn't get much past the door way. He reached for me and unknown to him, reached for my chest and played with my nipples. My reaction was immediate - and he knew he had me.

While all he messaged me was that he needed his 'morning boner taken care of' we never determined how that would be. In my mind, it was now clear.

It is possibly the first time in a long time that there was little to no foreplay. Yeah, he wanted to kiss me, but there was no sucking. I fondled his covered crotch for a bit and he did the same, but I never went down on him. That was unusual for me.

After playing for a bit in the doorway - mostly rubbing and touching, we went over to the bed.

No words. I sat down, he did not. I leaned back, he leaned in. Not to kiss, but to touch.....down there. Below the nuts, below the 'taint.

Once he brushed over the hole, I was done for.

He asked for a condom and some lube. I told him I had neither.

It could have gone either way, but he was a man in need with a willing hairy ass in front of him. He spit into his hand and the decision was made.

The guy popped the head into my butt and waited while I exhaled. Slowly and deliberately, he slid in until he hit bottom. Then the fun began.

My poor hotel neighbors must have heard banging, squeaking, moans and dirty words. Ditto with the housekeeping staff that was making their way down the hall as they began their daily chores.....and they must have though 'crap, another sex mess to clean up'.

This guy (no names ever exchanged) nailed my ass for about 15 minutes. He then says, "you want my load". It wasn't a question. He proceeds to dump his nut with a growl from his chest to his mouth that let anyone know what was happening.

As you would assume, as did I, that would be it. Not so.

He slaps my ass and says, let's hit the shower.

I mean, I needed to, because I had to get to work. Maybe he did too. On the way into the bathroom, he grabs the hotel lotion off the sink and brings it into the shower.

I like the idea of shower sex more than I actually like it. One person gets the water, one person gets the cold. .....and since I'm the bottom, I normally get the cold.

He spins me around to face the far wall and lubes himself up. I'm not quite sure why. At this point, not only have I been opened up, but he did the internal lube job all himself.

Either way, I was good. He was still rock hard and ready to go again. I braced myself against the tile and he pushed himself all the way into my hole.

I would have expected this fuck to have lasted much longer, but it was really half the time before he made the tell-tale signs of impending orgasm. He pushed all the way into me, collapsing on my back as he shot his second load.

He wanted to see me cum, but that wasn't in the cards. I was hard as a rock and late as hell. I had to actually shower, and get dressed, packed and to my client.

.....with two loads of sperm up my ass.


thislittlepiggy said...

About damn time.

Anonymous said...

yeh man... two loads and a client to see. Well play before work I always say