Thursday, June 06, 2013

Scruff Hook-Up: Time #4

"The door will be unlocked,  shut it, lock it and come find me".

I know he has a sling in the basement, not that I've ever been to the basement, but this is knowledge he has dropped on me before.  This horny bottom was hoping and waiting.

Before even trying downstairs, I looked on the main level and lo and behold there he was - in his bedroom.

Worst player of Hide n Seek ever!  ....and I told him so.

There was to be no sling that day, just what we had been doing for the last month - a little foreplay with him sitting in his Nasty Pig jock and his arms behind his head as he remained propped up on his pillows.

Oh yes, I went to his pits and licked them. I think there was more than his man funk in them.  I'm not sure if it was old deodorant or not, but I'm not a fan of that, not that it stopped me.  Not that he stopped me.  I tongued them both clean. He was good to go.

I licked his chest too. I also used my fingers to lightly touch his torso, his thighs, his head.  I love it when guys do that to me, it gets me going on another level, but I'm never sure if I have that kind of touch.  He responded ok, but not like I do.....not that everyone has to be like me.  No one should be saddled with my behavior.

Yeah, I worked my way down to his jock.  His nuts were hanging out, so I did lap at those. That did get a huge reaction.  So did me eating his ass with the jock still one. He wasn't clean clean down there, but he was by the time I finished.  Then it was a few minutes on his cock. Then it was onto the main event.

I have to hand it to John. Without the help of any ED drugs, the man can keep it hard for hours - and he's in his 40s.  Maybe that is a testament to me, but I'm not one to take credit like that.  Biology has something to do with it.  And while turning into fuck buddies, it would seem (this is time #4 in 5 weeks), we connect on a sexual level.  He likes to fuck and well........I seemingly like to take it up the ass.

And I did.  For 90 minutes this day.  No breaks.  No stops, except to move into other positions.  Time #3, which I didn't blog about, was a 75 minute fuck.  This is a man who has stamina and knows what he is doing and clearly likes his work.

Not unlike the Rough and Tumble guy from my previous post, there were all the positions. I might have to find a guy who can hold me against a wall and fuck me while he stands up with my legs wrapped around him.  I still haven't done that one.....................yet.

John asked me what my favorite position was to be fuck in - and my standard and truthful answer is, whichever the top wants me to be in.

When we did change positions, the way his cock would pull out - and push back in - felt incredible. To the point where not only I told him so, but that it made me realize that extracting a dick that way is such a different feeling than when it slides out after orgasm.   I don't like that feeling near as much.

The 75 minute fuck the week before made me a tad sore for a day or so.  I wasn't sure what the hour and a half pounding would do.  (it made me sore, but I powered through it - thanks for your concern!)

The "joke" is that John would have gone on for longer than 90 minutes, but he had a conference call he had to be on.

It was the first time I saw him cum.  Well, it's the first time I wasn't face down or him humping me from behind. I never did see the cum.

I was on the edge of the bed, looking right at him, and him right at me.  Eye to eye.

Technically, he never told me he ejaculated. The intensity of his face, his furrowed brow, the quiver of his lip and the constricted throat that emitted a howling groan just made me assume something was happening in his nether region.  Call it a hunch.

It took both of us a good 5-10 minutes to come down off that scene.  His dick still firmly implanted in me.....until it slid out in that unceremonious way that I was saying earlier I don't appreciate.

He threw on shorts, as the call was coming up sooner than later.   I dressed and walked to the door, collecting my keys and phone.

"Don't let that ooze out on your drive home".

It didn't.  It stayed in me until the next morning.

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