Friday, June 28, 2013

The Three Feeders

Once upon a time, there was a cocksucker named BikeGuy.....

and he wandered into the mystical curious land of craigslist personal ads and got lost in the Woods of Possibility - so he placed one himself.  It was written so not to confuse even the dimmest of men.  No Strings.  No Reciprocation. Completion.

While many a mere mortal responded, few were able to actually commit to any type of arrangement.

This is a story as old as the hills.  One of rare, medium and well done.  Or bad, better, best.  You get the idea.  They are in order, though it possibly breaks the climatic nature of the story.


5'10", 200lbs, but he says, ruggedly handsome and in shape  7.5" with a mushroom head.  I went for it.

Silly me.  He came as advertised.  Has a girlfriend who gives him awesome head and always swallows, which made me wonder why he needed the likes of me.  He also claimed this to be his first time with a guy - a charge I never believe.

If you're getting great head at home, you don't come to a cocksucker's house in broad daylight for your first time. You just don't.

Honestly, I don't think my lips were all the way down his shaft before he started talking about sucking my dick.  For a "first timer" he seemed pretty sure of what he wanted and pretty lousy at reading an ad. He'd veer off the subject, but like clockwork, every 45 seconds he'd ask about my dick, wanting to suck it and wanting to feel a load shoot into his mouth.

This made it hard for me to concentrate at my task. Not only did I have to pull off any number of times to tell him it wasn't going to happen, but he could never quite get his cock hard.  This isn't a surprise.  He said it's because of first time nerves, but it's really because he's a cocksucking shit.

He jacked off a bit, never getting it hard, but getting it off.  It was a very unremarkable load in every fucking way.  I couldn't wait to show him the door.

He was the porridge that was too cold. He was the bed that was too soft.


The best of the bunch by far.

46, 5'11", 185, good looking, bi, 7" uncut, shaved head and nuts.

When he emailed asking my name, I told him, but also added - "but you can call me 'cocksucker'".  I thought that could backfire on me as too aggressive, to demeaning and not his scene.  Three minutes later I got an email:  "I'll see you in 10".

He walked in, filling out the pouch in his designer jeans. I rubbed the front of them and he went for the belt.  I pushed his hand away, saying, I would take care of that.

I wasn't taking time to feel him up per se, but I undid the belt and buttons and zipper.  He had a nice lump in his briefs.  Skimpy briefs - something I haven't really seen on a guy in a while.   I pulled those down to his thighs too, and then got on my knees.

There was no hesitation in his action:  his hands, both of them, went right to my head.  It was there he held me steady and immediately started to move his hips.  I was blowing him, but he was, for the moment, controlling the situation.  It was heaven.

He'd push his hips forward, all the way in, and hold me.  He'd tell me to stay still and keep his cock deep in me.  The man didn't know me, so he couldn't be sure I wasn't one of these sucker's who just wanted to play in the mouth and get him off.

No, I wanted it exactly the way he was giving it to me.  That's the selfish side of me.  Mind you, I will take it almost anyway a feeder wants to provide it, but his way, this time, right then, was the best way.

That is not to say he didn't let me perform on my own  He stood there, than sat down, while I did the heavy lifting and he could kick back and enjoy the warm mouth on his hot cock.

And it was a hot cock.  Thick.  He never mentioned that.  Nice amount of skin, but tight, too tight to get  easily get my tongue worked between the foreskin and head.  Damn.  I should have tried when he was softer.

Unlike the last guy, he never asked to see, touch or taste my dick.

I worked on him, or he used his strong hands and well trained hips to take what he wanted.  I was happy to give it.

When kneeling in front of him, it was fucking hot to hear:  "you look good down there....where you should be."

He was in the moment the entire time.  He wasn't shy or nervous.  He never called me "cocksucker", but I think that email exchange at least told him where my head was and where he could go - and I think that helped in the encounter.

The only issue, was the size of his load. It wasn't large and didn't taste like much.  At first, I didn't know he was shooting, just a heavy precum and there was no verbal acknowledgement of the ejaculation.

But it's all good.

His porridge was too hot.  His bed was too hard.    In the Three Bears world, this is a bad thing.  In the cocksucker's works, it is just fucking fine.


Definitely the most timid of the trio.  Paler than pale.

49 (looked way younger), 5'11", 155, short blond hair.  Wanted kissing, body contact, 69, massage.  I sent a message back what I was only looking for.  He acquiesced.

He showed up on time. He volunteered he was a CPA and you could totally see that.  Starched shirt - literally and figuratively.  I thought he'd be way too nervous for anything.

It turns out he is married with kids, though he didn't tell me until afterwards.  Nothing about him read straight.  He seemed a super Type A homo that was so tightly wound that his partner would be driven to the threshold on a daily basis.

So what do I know?

I know he hasn't had head quite like mine.  I'm not bragging.  Ok, maybe a little.

I have never ever had anyone's legs start to quiver before I made it to the root on my initial oral impale.

He was probably more finger-on-the-trigger kind of guy than me being orally excellent, though let's face it, I do have some skills and experience.

"Back off.....back off......"   That is a scenario we'd play maybe 5-6 times.  I could edge him and I could tell by how much his legs shook to how soon I was to get him over the edge.

His balls were nice.  His dick was nice, though one that - and I hate to say it - had a little bump somewhere on the shaft that no matter how you sucked you couldn't avoid it.  It didn't hurt him.  It didn't taste bad.  It's just a raised mole or something, but it was always noticeable to me, the sucker.

He asked when I wanted the load. I was quick to point out, "that's not up to me.  I'm here as long as you want to hold off".  I think that was the beginning of the end.  With the next go-round, there was no "back off.....".   So I went for it.

And I got it.  Or he did.  However you want to figure that.  It was by far the biggest load of the day.  Bigger than the other two combined.

Out of character, he wasn't guilty or weird afterwards.  With guys like that, I expect them to bolt or start down some weird path, but there wasn't.  He emailed me later hoping for more - but wanting those things I already told him 'no' to.

I said due to his marital status, I wouldn't be contacting him, but if he needed me, he knew how to get a hold of me.

His porridge and bed were just right.


Upton King said...

Well, looks like you got your daily requirement of protein for the day! What a hardworking cocksucker! May you be rewarded regularly and generously. Such service to the community! Happy Pride! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Explorer Jack said...

You know, you and I should do a radio show on Craigslist flakes. Good grief!

Nice story. I wish you were in my town, and I'd let you service me every morning.

Upton King said...

Well, I'm glad 'Goldie' got his fill. Craigslist is always a crap shoot. Hope all is well. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

GHanonymous said...

I love your way with words, and your apparent way with a cock as well! It is a pleasure to read of your adventures, the good and the not so good.

Your Serviced to Mankind does not go unnoticed!

RAD said...