Monday, June 03, 2013

Rough and Tumble

His profile has him billed at 50, 6'2", 225.  His pics didn't make him look that old or that heavy.  But you know how pics on the internet can be, suspect at best.

He was that big. He carried a bit of a belly, but he was just a thick, solid guy.  His cock was a solid 7", just as he promised.  It was rock hard in his shorts when he answered the door.

I should say, it's one of the longest I've traveled for cock - over 30 miles each way.  I was that horny.

He had been after me for days, and I had a window, and I took it.  Well, he took me - let's be honest.

He (never got a name) said he was all top and he was.  I can't tell you how many "tops" want to suck my dick or bend over for it.  I don't think they know what the word means and by the time I figure that out, it's much to late to edjumacate them.  With those cases, we both end up being dissatisfied due to their own honesty - just one of those things I do not understand.

But 'he' was true to his word or stayed in character - fine by me.

I was sucking him in the the dining room, before he just told me to follow him to what I'm guessing was the guest room.  I'm sure he wasn't having me in where he and his partner sleep.  I don't care that he plays on the side - that is for him and his partner to work out, if they haven't already.

The guy was built like a former college football player who let himself go a bit. Mind you, one with a natural flair for decorating, and 168 beats per minute disco piping throughout the house, as well as tvs playing male adult movies, but a former jock nonetheless.    ...and yes, I'm sure I'm making some judgements there.

There was no true foreplay other than he liked his tits played with - HARD.   I like mine played with nice and light - and as you know it will get you anywhere you want to go if you do it like that.  So the instincts of what I liked overrode what he enjoyed.  He didn't enjoy light play.  So I played hard. Sometimes too hard, if he were to believed.

He fucked face hard. Very hard.  Good thing I can take it.  I mean, I can certainly take the depth and width. The faster thrusts can prove to be a challenge.  The thing about cocksucking, as with getting fucked, or lifting weights, it's about the breathing.  You can do almost anything if you can establish a good breathing pattern.

His violent and faster and faster thrusts in my mouth made it hard to get into that rhythm.

Don't get me wrong, I completely get that some men get hard (or off) on making and hearing guys gag.  For those guys who are too nice but like that behavior, I'm not above fake gagging now and again to make them stiffer.  But this guy was no pretender.

I don't know if he liked the gagging, but he got me to. I felt like a failure, not being able to take the dick the way I said I could.  It didn't lessen his hard-on or stop him from doing what he was doing.  I guess all was right with the world.

But it was fucking that he wanted and is what lured me 30+ miles.

The man remained hard for well over an hour.  I lay at the edge of his bed so he could stand and enter me.  I was farther back with my ankles well over my head as he POUNDED me.   I was the little spoon as he pumped me from behind.   I sat on him and rode him.  I was on all fours.  I was on my knees, with my head and shoulders to the bed.

Eventually I was on my belly.

I lost track of time, but he was quick to point out he wasn't a quick cummer.


He had every intention of fucking me for another hour, and as much as I "claimed" to want that, my schedule wouldn't allow that.  I still have a long drive home at rush hour.

Oh - and I was sore.  And a little more.

Hell, I tell most everything else on this blog, why not just go for it.   There is a point in a long, hard fuck that a guy just truly opens up the bottom.  The resistance to the hole is less, the plunging can be deeper.  And that can be wonderful.

But there is also a point where the bottom starts to lose sense of umm ....just how fresh they are feeling down there.  The impulses to opening up for the fuck and well......opening up too much are the same and you don't know what is actually what.  And trust me, I don't want to be that messy guy, and I've never known how to ask.

My initial thought is, if it's gross, they'd tell me - right?  But guys can be strange and as much as I don't know how to ask, they don't know how to tell / say.  It turns out I was just fine and clean, but I just wasn't sure.

So I just begged for the fucking cum.

The man was unrelenting in his assault on my asshole.  This is when I went into breathing mode.

I was belly to the mattress and just kind of went limp the way a rape victim might.   I breathed through what was becoming slight discomfort.  Don't say "oh, wow poor guy" about me. It was my situation and I wanted the dick and load, but with that kind of fuck, a guy gets sore.  No way around it.

But I went with it and instead of being an active bottom, I became a hole.  I let him just pummel my butt and clearly he was getting off on it.  There was no doubt about that with this guy.

The only thing to interrupt my breathing was me asking for the load.  Begging for it.  He delivered. On his time table, not mine.  As it should be.

I knew the amount of cum seemed sizable.  And as I said, it was a long drive home, so it would be challenging on multiple levels.

He tossed me a bottle of water, told me to hydrate and showed me the door.

There was no discussion of 'maybe we can do this again'.  We both had our curiosity satisfied and I thin we were both done.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you broached the subject. I've never bottomed, but topped before, and things got messy.

My instruction manual that came with my penis mentioned nothing about how to handle these situations.

I know every guy is different, but how would you like it handled?

Let's say your top finds thing messy. You want him to stop and tell you to hit the shower and clean yourself, or you prefer he just power through and finish the dirty job?